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We present here some of the best LGBT pride slogans, quotes, sayings, captions and taglines that you can sue to celebrate LGBT month with pride and right expression to convey your feelings, thoughts and message to society and people. These powerful and inspiring LGBT quotations, tagline, caption can be freely used on social media website like Facebook, Twitter, Koo, Sharechat, Signal, Telegram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and messengers also.

LGBT is an initialism that stands for beautiful people and LGBTQ community who may be Gay, bisexual, Queer, lesbian and transgender.You can freely use these beautiful and motivating LGBT quotations and caption, if you support them and feel strongly about their cause and lifestyle. From 1960's to 1980's began using initialism of LGBT and came out openly for their rights and that became a movement after that in USA. In the year 1990 society, people and religions started to accept them with dignity, respect and gave them rights in many countries.

LGBTQ Pride Month, LGBT Slogans, Catchy LGBT Quotes, Sayings, Captions & Taglines  LGBT Pride Slogans Quotes Sayings Captions & Month

Born this way and happy about it.

Boldly Out and proud of it.

Its fine to be gay/lesbian.

Very much proud to be what i am.

Love is never wrong, narrow mindedness is.

Everyone to experience and feel the love equally, freely without compromise.

LGBT pride month.

We have to be visible and not ashamed of what we are.

Love is beautiful, god made me in a unique special way and i love my being.

All we need is love, tolerance, equality, respect and freedom to express ourselves.

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LGBT Quotes, Gay, Lesbian messages

Don't ever be afraid to show your real self and true colors.

My body, my sexuality, my feelings, my life and my choice. Who the hell are you ?

You are exactly who you should be.

I won't apologize who i am.

Choice i made in my life was to be myself.

Love has no labels.

Born on this day to be a gay.

God relied upon me this way that is why i am gay.

We have arrived. We are Queer.

If we want equality, we need to act and enact to empower LGBTQ.

There is absolutely no right or wrong way to be gay.

Pride month, let's celebrate the freedom.

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LGBT Quotes, Gay, Lesbian messages

Powerful and Meaningful LGBT Quotes to Raise Awareness

Be proud who you are and be visible.

Coming out is best thing you will ever do in your life.

Be bold be fearless to say who you are.

I prefer girls as my friend.

I have a big lesbian crush on you.

I am happy and comfortable who i am and enjoying it too.

Queer chocolatier, unapologetically indulgent.

Come to the gay side, we have the rainbows.

Love all, no matter what. That is is the way to greatness.

LGBT Quotes, Gay, Lesbian messages, slogans, captions, taglines, happy pride month

Remember, love wins in every form, what it may, Gay or lesbian.

Being gay or lesbian is natural, but hating them is choice of an ignorant individual.

Love more and hate less. Accept more and be intolerant less or your life will be mess.

My prince charming is bisexual.

Smile if you are gay

Let me be perfectly queer.

Hey, i am gay.

I am gay all day.

My body, my way, i love being gay.

Fit In. Know where you belong.

I am proud to be lesbian. I love myself.

LGBT Quotes, Boyfriend Gay, Lesbian messages, slogans, captions, taglines

Today's fight for the rights are tomorrow's freedom.

We are all beings of same father, when he created us with love, who are you to hate his creation.

I support LGBT ! Any problems.

I love the way her breathing changes as i touch her, we are connected with soul.

People will stare at you, make it worth a while.

I consider myself as lesbian but i am bisexual one.

I am not confused, i know who i am and i am liking it.

Oh Hi ! I am BI !

Bisexual? fine with me.

Proud to be Bisexual, i swing both ways and i am happier that way.

Pride Sayings & Slogans: Ideas & Inspo for LGBTQ Rainbow Pride Swag

Keep calm and gay ON.

I am diverse and i am that i am.

Best choice i made is to be real and to be myself and i am proud of it.

We stand together and are united in love.

I am a girl and i love a girl and that's okk dear.

Born this way and i am happy that way.

Happy pride month. It's just about correct understanding and taking care of every human being.

Love has no gender, it has no form. We all are beings made out of love.

Keep your calm ! its okay to be gay and be happy.

There are so many ways to be sweet and beautiful in different ways.

Never be afraid to show off your true colors.

I am her princess and she is mine and we love each others kingdom.

Respect and love for everyone.

I am gay and will stay that way, what come may.

Come out! Show your light & shine bright.

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I am strong lesbian women and i feel the best by being so.

I am bisexual and i love it.

World will be lot better if we respect everyone's sexuiality.

Our lives should always be in state of inclusion and at wonder the diversity of humanity.

There is nothing wrong with you but there are lot of things wrong with the world that we live in.

O love lesbians.

Let Me, Be Me.

Labels are for clothes.

Vegetarian and Gay and i will stay that way.

When all people are treated equal, no matter who they are and whom they love, we are really free.

Proud to be gay and its the greatest gift given by god to me.

When you are honest about who you are, you find others like you who will appreciate & support you.

I am thankful to god every single day who made me gay.

Its sunny day and i am hottest gay.

Let's empower and protect our queer youth.

LGBTQ and Queer Quotations, Slogans, Taglines and Captions

Let me be perfectly Queer.

I am Queer, let's cheer.

I love what i am and i enjoy it.

I breathe freedom and i have balls to express it.

Its my life, my way.

Born to be Fabulous Lesbian.

Celebrate Pride month.

Happy LGBT pride.

Unity in diversity.

Queer, LGBT Quotes, Slogans LGBTQ Taglines Sayings

Everyone has the right to honor themselves and live with dignity, respect and freedom. We are all creation of god and accept his creation with dignity and give them equal rights and to love everyone  else like everybody does. We should all try to honor their identity and sexuality as same consciousness, soul, cosmic intelligence of god works through them too.

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