Lesbian Love Quotes, Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes for Her

Heartfelt Lesbian Love Quotes, Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes for Her or GirlFriend

We present here some of the best collection of Lesbian love quotes, romantic lesbian love quotes and messages for here and your girlfriend with pictures that can be used to express your love, passion and get romantic. Love is love, it can be straight, lesbian or otherwise and wise ones say that it always needs to be shared and spread wherever you go and whosoever you are with.
Lesbian Love Quotes, Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes for Her

Love is not about two different genders, its about soul loving a soul.

I want to you now, i want you tomorrow and always. Would continue to love you in next life too.

I cannot lose you, if i ever did i will lose myself.

You have to be willing to fight for a love story between us to last for a lifetime.

You are the girl that everyone dreams of, but i am the lucky one to call you mine. I Love you baby.

You are part of me and my own, i give a damn what others have to say.

Just wrap your arms around be and never let me go.

The happiest day of life was when i found that you loved me too.

I am her princess charming and she is my princess too. We are made for each other.

Every moment i spend with you, its like beautiful dream coming true.

I am a girl and i love a girl and best thing about it is that i am ok with it. That's what matters.

I never knew what love was, until i met you.

I realized that, be with someone that makes you happy, feel wanted and loved. So its you dear.

Where ever you might be, i will love thee.

Best Lesbian Love Quotes, Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes for Her

Life is too short to ignore my love for you, my dear. I Love you so much.

I will never regret falling in love with you.

I want you forever in my life.

I wanna be your girl who makes your bad days better. The one that makes you say that my life has changed since i met her.

I like a girl and i love her, that you.

First time i saw you i realized, that's one one made for you to be with you.

Love is not about finding the right person, but it's about creating the right relationship that evolves you lovingly and for me it's you.'

When i am with you, the whole world seems goes in shock and awe. I love that.

I need to you in my life like the heart needs a beat to feel alive.

Every morning when i open my eyes to world, i see you my love, you are my world.

You are mine girl and each time you smile at me or say my name, I get the same butterflies. Wow!

Love conquers all , and you are my love after all.

Your passionate kisses is what i always crave.

Every day of our beautiful marriage is unique in itself. Every time I look at you, I am not only amazed by your inner beauty, but by the fact that everything I have ever wanted is found in you. I Love you my companion.

Lesbian Love Quotes, lesbian quotes for your girlfriend tagalog, Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes for Her, lesbian crush quotes

I will love you forever and for always, keep that in mind and believe in your heart, even if whole world stand against it.

When you find the right person, they will be everything you have been look for in your life.

The best smell in the world is of the women you love.

Oh darling i need you! like i need the breath.

This girl loves her girlfriend so much.

I am lesbian and i love it. Women loving women is good as woman are strong, compassionate and beautiful.

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