Most Passionate & Hopeless Romantic Zodiac Signs That Fall In Love Quickly

Most Passionate and Hopeless Romantic Zodiac Signs That Fall In Love Easily

Meaning of love and romance is different for everyone in different age groups as some seek soulmates, some true love,some passion, some are looking for twin flames and romance and some want fairy tales. A lot can be deciphered about the love inclinations a particular person whether male or female from looking at the zodiac signs and horoscope birth charts. There are some zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology that are more romantic, sexual, passionate, hot, sexy and intense in their relationships than others.
Most Passionate & Hopeless Romantic Zodiac Signs That Fall In Love Quickly

Below our astrologist Shri Rohit Anand ji shares some of the most passionate and hopeless romantic zodiac signs that fall in love quickly when they meet someone interesting or it could be love at first sight. These stars signs will show the tendencies to flirt, romance, date and have sex quickly with the first opportunity that comes under their way either in school, college or even at workplace as these kind of love species are found everywhere on planet Earth.

Libra zodiac, The Hopeless Romantic : Males and females are born under this zodiac sign are ruled by planet of love, romance and sex called Venus. Libra born people are charming, attractive, flirty, romantic, sexy, artistic and some even has dimples on their faces that makes them super charismatic. These Libra souls from Venus seek romance and love in early ages as they feel the need to share their genuine love and romance their partner. They have great attraction towards opposite sex and want to make girlfriend or boyfriend sooner than later as compared to other zodiac signs. You will rarely find Libra boy or girl without a romantic partner unless some of them are really conservative in their upbringing, got afflicted horoscope, shy or too much introvert.

Gemini the Witty Passionate Lovers : These Mercury ruled men and women is another zodiac sign that are good lovers as they are good at communication, flirting and leaving double meaning messages on your phone with sms or on messenger. Gemini fall in love quickly with your mind, intelligence and intellect first and if they like these, you will see them asking you for a date quickly with witty one liners or even ask straight for your phone number. This sign of twins have two sides to their personality and you should not be surprised if they have another partner, lover or friend on the list to get cozy, date, romance or have sex with. Being ruled by Retrograde Mercury, Gemini or Mithun Rashi guys and girls also won't mind going back to their EX flame if they find them giving enough stimuli or get them engaged with something new and interesting. These airy sign people knows how to make you comfortable, appreciated, understood and make you at ease and ask for a date to mate.

Most Passionate Hot, Sexy Zodiac Lovers, Hopeless Romantic Zodiac Signs That Fall In Love Easily

Aries Lover, The Sunshine mixed with Hurricane : Yes that how you can describe them, as they fall in love first and ask your name later. These species of lovers are ruled by planet Mars which makes them hot, sexy fiery, passionate, sexual, impatient, flirty with lot of energy in all weather conditions. They don't have time to wait for love and sex to come their way. They are bold, loyal, courageous, fearless in their approach to special one they want in life to be their partner and won't mind choosing love over anything else whether they are single or married. Aries boys and girls have raging hormones and they are impulsive in nature and can be quick in falling in love or lust. They tend to be romantic and want partners that can drive them crazy with their bold are fearless admission and way of romance. Aries lovers are usually protective and can go to any extreme if their loved ones are insulted or threatened. They can fire anyone who cast any eye on their partners and can be jealous too if they find their own girlfriend or boyfriend ogling here and there, that can be playing with fire with burn injuries. Aries are caring to people whom they show their devotion, love and loyalty.

Pisces the Imaginative Romantic Lover : Pisces lovers are another breed of romantic zodiac signs who are sensitive, kind, loving, sensual, misunderstood, empathetic, insecure and caring partners. They will fall in love with you in their minds, imagination, dreams fast and keep thinking what you think about them. Whether to approach you or not to admit their love for someone they are fantasizing about from quite some time and have been waiting and silencing his or her urges just reading their lover status online. Pisces wear their heart on their sleeves and for this they need lover or partner who would protect their vulnerabilities and not clevely manipulate them. Piscean offers romance, compassion, giving and kindness in their approach to whom they choose to express love, they will give themselves wholeheartedly. Last thing they want is false love as a slap on their face because for them love is deep as ocean. Pisces lover likes doing something special for their partners but also want their companion to be loyal, reciprocate and be sensitive to their feelings.

By Rohit Anand (Astrologist, Life Coach, Tarot Card Reader)

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