Tarot Card Love Relationship Readings : Will I be able to Find True Love?

This is an seven card Tarot spread that investigates whether a new relationship is with a soulmate. We have seen that in our lifetime there can be many soulmates that will cross our path for a reason and to gain rich experiences. Some will be friends, some will be lovers, some will be mentors and some will be pupils. Some will be a combination of these. Some will be all four. This spread examines the potential.

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* Will the Querent ever find true love in this lifetime?
* Will there be mutual attraction instantly or a slow-burning realization?
* Know about how will this soulmate or person be like physically?
* What will this partner be like emotionally?
* Are there issues the querent needs to deal with that are delaying a meeting/relationship with this person?
* Are there issues this person needs to deal with that are preventing a meeting/relationship?
* When, Where and How will the Querent meet this person?
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