Indian Match Making Online, Kundli Milan, Kundali Match Making For Marriage

Best Indian Horoscope Match Making Online, Kundli Milan and Kundali Matchmaking For Marriage

Online horoscope match making or kundli milan is the popular Indian way of finding out the compatibility between the prospective groom and bride for marriage. Today we are seeing increasing number of failed marriages, separations, divorces, hurt and pain which could be avoided if kundli milan or zodiac horoscope matchmaking is done by competent and experienced Vedic Astrologer. Accurate kundli milan becomes important for happy marriage and a fulfilling long term relationship between couples who are about to get married.
Indian Match Making Online, Kundli Milan, Kundali Match Making For Marriage, Horoscope Matching for Marriage

As per Indian Matchmaking or Gun Milan is the first step in planning a marriage where horoscope or janampatri of boy and girl are checked and analysed in detail for compatibility.

What You Get : 
  • Free Horoscope Birth Charts for Boy & Girl. 
  • Nature and Personality traits.
  • Compatibility score with your spouse. 
  • Manglik Dosha Check, as that does affect compatibility between man and women. 
  • Kaal Sarpa Dosha Check. 
  • Health and Fertility Issues.
  • Romantic and Sexual Compatibility.
  • Solutions to Problems in Married Life.
Horoscope Birth Details of Boy and Girl can be sent to us in this format

Full Name of Boy
Date of Birth
Accurate Time of Birth

Full Name of Girl
Date of Birth
Accurate Time of Birth

Your Name
Present Location

Indian Horoscope Match Making of Kundli Milan Module MM1 : Consultation Fees : INR Rs. ₹ 2500/- or USD $ 56 Dollars or Euro 56. Report  (Sent By Email in 3 Hours)

Astrology Consultation fees can be paid by Paypal, Cash, Check Deposit, Bank Transfer, IMPS, NEFT. You will get your Indian match making report or kundali match for marriage after we have received the payment. Kindly let us know when you have made the payment by any of the above means. You can send us birth details of boy and girl in above mentioned format on the Email, Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, JIO or facebook messenger mentioned below. You can also fill up the contact form given on our website for making any query, questions, clarifications or paid astrological consultations .
Get Free Online Kundli (kundali) Milan, Gun Milan, Marriage Compatibility

Frequently Asked Questions about Horoscope Matching Online, Kundli Milan, Guna Matching

  • I dont have the accurate time of birth, can i still go for Kundali Milan or Match making?
Yes, even if you don't have accurate time of birth for boy or girl, one can get zodiac compatibility checked and for that one need to give us full name of man and women and their birth dates.
  • How many points should match for marriage?
Well, if one goes with traditional gun matching or kundli milan then out of 36 one need to have at least 18 gunas. But in modern times matchmaking has gone more scientific and compatibility check is done in depth with changing times and requirements and many issues are looked even if 50% of gun score don't match one can get married or have a successful marriage. This can be studied and done by an experienced astrologer only.
  • Is Kundli matching really important?
Yes, in our times it has become very important as we are witnessing increasing number of divorce cases, cheating spouses, separations, infidelity, adultery and extramarital affairs, Good astrologer or jyotishi can see all this and avoid recommending such kundali or janampatri of boy or girl that indicates such problems or issues. Layman cant see all these things or problems that can crop up in the future and only spiritually evolved and psychic astrologer has the capacity to see these.
  • Can we marry if Kundli does not match?
Yes, one can get married even if Guna matching score is not good, but for that one need to consult some good astrologer who can study horoscope of both boy or girl in great detail to recommend marriage or see the cancellation of doshas in birth charts and indicate challenges that needs to be overcome and pujas that needs to be performed before marriage takes place.
  • Do you also do Kundali Matching by Date of Birth and Name of male and female only?
Yes, i do match making or kundli milan by date of birth and by name also in cases where there is no accurate birth details are there with parents.
  • Is online horoscope matching accurate?
If you are thinking of getting married just on the basis of online guna matching score on some website or horoscope app on your mobile then its incomplete way, incorrect and misleading which can lead to disaster in married life. There are thousand of other things that need to be seen in matching of horoscope charts then just gun milan and that can only be done only by a personalized horoscope consultation by a astrologist or Indian astrologer of integrity and credibility.
  • Do we need to match Kundali in late marriage?
Yes, it's important to match the kundli or horoscope charts of man and women even if you are getting married late or after divorce in first marriage. One needs to see the dashas of operating planets, reasons for delay, negative and positive aspects of horoscope of both male and female and if those lessons would be repeated again in anyone's life or not that lead to delayed marriage or divorce with first partner.
  • What happens if all 36 Gunas match?
Even if guna points are good that doesn't mean happy marriage or no divorce. Even if  guna milan score is more than 25 or 30 points there can be troubles in marriage like adultery, extra marital affairs, cheating spouses, separation, death, diseases, mishappenings, abuse or ill health of a partner leading to misery suffering and unhappiness.

Free Astrology match making, Indian Matchmaking Online, Top Astrologer Kundali Milan for best kundli matching in hindi
  • Does horoscope matching really work?
Yes, It does work as its logical, scientific, spiritual, rational, divine and can guide and/or provide lovers and those going for arranged marriage a stable platform to make correct start with a new life together by eliminating problems to great extent and taking care of issues that could have caused troubles if got married ignorantly as ignorance is no more bliss.
  • What happens if boy or girl is manglik and the other is not?
If a competent astrologer finds out that boy or a girl is manglik and other is not, still they can get married, if Vedic astrologer come to conclusion that the placement, conjunction, aspects, strength of planets can allow both to get married. In some cases manglik and Non manglik can get married due to various factors which can be age, number of relationships one had and examining natal charts & navamsa varga chart.

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