Mr. Khanna New Delhi (2024) It was he who guided us for buying a new house, he predicted for us when we will be buying a new home and it came true. He also checked our new kothi for Vastu compliance. It was a good buy and we are so thankful to him that our old property got sold and we bought a new one as foretold by him.

Mrs. Anjali : Delhi (2023) He predicted about my son's marriage and matched his horoscope & under his guidance and give remedies marriage happened.

Mr Arvind : Delhi (2022) He is great astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu expert. Its because of him and his guidance that i got my job, his predictions came true. 

Miss Sameeksha : New Delhi (2021) I thank Rohit for doing love compatibility for me and helping me finding my life partner. He did perfect match making for me after looking at my horoscope charts and selecting for me my sweet heart with whom i am married now. Its just because of him that i am happy, satisfied and have a beautiful loving husband and family. My respects and gratitude to him for all he did for me

Mrs Mahatta : Noida. India (2020) : I have been receiving tarot card readings from Anand Ji from past several years and i must say he exceptionally kind hearted person and has helped me personally in almost all ways. He took me out from depression by giving his consultations and relationship issues. My family suffered from supernatural problems of spirits and he was the first one to point out and gave many solutions and our life has been much better. Thanks so much for everything.

Ms Rose Walls : USA (2019) : You were very good in predicting about me buying and shifting to a  new house. You care a very gifted Psychic. Thank you so much.

Mrs Sheena : New Delhi. India (2018) : I have always sought his astrological consultations and all of my family has benefited from him from past many  years. He is is expert in match making and my daughters are happily married just because of him. Thanks Anand ji.

Mr Sethi : Delhi India (2017) : I am retired Executive from top company and i must say he has been always been inspiration and guiding my family and me in my career and profession with his rich knowledge about many subjects. Thank You.

Akanksha : Jamshedpur 2016 Sir I am extremely grateful to you to provide me the vedic astrology analysis.I assure you Sir I will pay for your consultation once I am in the position to do so.I will also let you know once I get the job.Thank you very much you helped me when I needed it the most.

Bridget : USA - Aug -2015 Rohit Anand! Wow, very nice. You hit all the nails on the head. Perfectly. That's so beautiful that you saw all that in my tarot card readings.

Jasmine : USA - Aug-2009 Yes I agree with what you have said in your Lenormand cards predictions about my health and taking up yoga. I was also talking about taking up yoga, just this morning lol. thanks

Mrs Taneja: Delhi. India.(2008) You did a very good match making for my daughter. thank you for helping me finding the right groom for my daughter.

Mr. Siddhant : India.(2007) You are quite good in predicting. I wonder how did you do it with tarot cards and lenormand cards but you were spot on about my relationship with my girlfriend and attitude towards me.

Ms. Sandra : UK. (2006)  U seem very good at Lenny cards and making predictions. Thank You.

Mr. Sunil :  Delhi. India. (2005) : You had rightly pointed out about the choice of profession i should have and right company and offer for me as head of organization in my career. thank you so much.

D. Lofton : USA (2004) : That's beautiful Rohit Anand the interpretation you have given for the Lenormand Cards Spread. His messages have been more love/romantic lately. thanks. God Bless.

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