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Vedic Astrology is an ancient system of astrology from India that has been used for thousands of years. It is based on Hindu scriptures which include the timeless classic The Vedas. Vedic Astrology is a science that uses the planetary positions at the time of birth to accurately predict the future and to guide a person's life. With the help of Vedic Astrology predictions, an individual can get to the root cause of any issues in life and take corrective measures to better their condition. It can also provide advice and guidance in taking important decisions in life. Jyotish, the Hindi term for Vedic Astrology, has been practiced in India for centuries. It is an art that deciphers the subtle messages of the stars and their transits, as well as the karma inherited by an individual at birth. From horoscope birth charts or kundali (Indian birth chart) consultations, astrologers can make more accurate predictions by analyzing the influences of the planets placed in the zodiac houses. 

A Kundali will provide detailed insights into the various aspects of a person's life such as career, relationships, education, finances and other life events. A professional Vedic Astrologer can provide accurate and valuable forecasts as to future prospects based on these charts. They can also evaluate past events to understand how life has unfolded until now. With their expert advice, a person can make better informed decisions and plan ahead.

Kundli Readings or Astrology Consultations, Zodiac Signs Divination, Vedic Horoscope Online and Jyotish Predictions in Hindi and English by World Famous Celebrity Astrologist, Tarotist, Numerologist Shri Rohit Anand Ji

Indian astrology or Jyotish is the most authentic, comprehensive and accurate tool for divination, prediction and giving right guidance to all those who seek answers and solutions to problems. Seven planets are considered in ancient Vedic astrology which are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and planet Saturn. In addition to this we also have two shadowy planets or the “chaayaa grahas” who are considered in Hindu astrology and that are Rahu and Ketu respectively. These are also called as “the north node” and “the south node” respectively (or the head and tail of dragon).Rahu and Ketu are not real planets; they are just some mathematical points.

Zodiac Signs Astrology ASK A QUESTION Horoscope Reading Online

Get Instant Horoscope consultations, answers to your questions from Vedic Astrology expert advice on your birth charts, janam kundali,  for life ahead, romantic life, children, career, job, education, promotion, business, wealth, health, divorce, separation, marriage and love relationships. ★ Horoscope Match Making

Frequently Asked Questions  On Horoscope Consultations, Kundali Predictions, Astrology Readings or Birth Chart Analysis

What are the questions that should I ask an Astrologer?

You can ask any type of question with regard to person who seeks guidance, want to know the future about his or her married life, love affair, wealth, business, work, job, education etc.

Can we believe in horoscope?

You can believe in a Vedic horoscope if your time of birth is accurate, made with best astrology software or experienced and competent astrologer in detail with exact mathematical calculations.

Is Indian Astrology Accurate?

Millions of people believe in vedic astrology and its great science to seek guidance about your life ahead, challenges or know the purpose of your life. Vedic astrology is accurate but very few people have the whole knowledge or wisdom to know and guide unless one is spiritually evolved.

Which Zodiac Sign is the best and Luckiest one?

There is no zodiac sign or rashi that can be called as best or lucky. Its only the kundli or horoscope in totality that needs to be analyzed to see if its good or not with respect to certain aspect of life.

Which is good , Western or Vedic astrology?

Vedic astrology is the best.

How Can I consult an Astrologer?

You can reach us either by submitting us the contact form given on our website, or send us a email request for astrology consultations, kundli predictions or horoscope readings in the format below. 

You can also take personal appointment for online astrology consultations or for personal meeting in New Delhi by sending us the message or sms text. You can also get horoscope consultation online on Skype, Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram after prior appointment by our astrologer. Jyotish or Hindu astrology consultation can be given in Indian language of Hindi and English language as per the choice of the clients.

For Astrology Readings, Horoscope Analysis or Jyotish Consultations Online, We Need The Following Birth Details

Full Name of Person

Gender: Male/Female

Date of Birth

Accurate Time (If Possible)



Profession/Job :

Present Location:

Email Address : 

Mobile Phone :

Preference of Language : Hindi or English. ( Kindly Mention)

Precise One Question that you want to ask : 

Horoscope Consultation Product code: MLBHC1Q (Mention the Module Number When Making Astrology Consultation)

Ask One Question Per Horoscope : Rs. INR 1500/- or USD 29 Dollars. Additional Question Rs.INR 1100/- or USD 15 Dollars

Horoscope Analysis Consultation Fees can be paid by : Paypal, Cash, Bank Transfer, Check, Net Banking, 

First You need to send us your birth details, product code and the questions that you would like to ask, in the above format on our Email address : MyLoveBytes @ Hotmail. com and we will let you know how to proceed further if your details are found to be correct for astrological consultations. (NO DIRECT CALLS PLEASE)

Free Janam Kundli Analysis in Hindi, lal kitab hindi predicitons

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Note : Answer to your question will be sent by Email as soon as we receive payment. Your personal data, birth details, consultations will be kept confidential and will not be shared by anyone whether you opt for janam kundali consultations or not. Please also mention the module number when you make the horoscope consultations online. When you consult us it's implied that you have read and agree to our Privacy policy, Terms and conditions,💖 Find about Cheating Relationships

What can my birth charts or janam kundali tell me?

Your horoscope can tell you many things about your life ahead, love relationships, job, career, marriage, divorce, adultery, extramarital relationship, your sex life and anything you want to know or seek guidance.

Can we find a person's zodiac sign by their name?

No, you cannot find anyone's correct zodiac sign just be name or its alphabets. Though most of Hindu names of babies are kept by parents on alphabets on the Moon Nakshatra if they believe in vedic astrology and know the accurate time of birth of child.

Are Astrology predictions true?

Indian Astrology predictions and prophecy do come true if time of birth is accurate and the Vedic astrologer is experienced, spiritually evolved, honest with high integrity, tells the truth and believes in morality and ethics. Science of Jyotish is huge which also includes mythology, Yoga, ayurveda, scientific calculations and other esoteric or occult practices like mantra, tantra & yantra. So one need to have knowledge of those too.

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By World Famous Vedic Astrologer, Occultist, Tarotist, Tantric Shri Rohit Anand Ji, India.

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