Friendship is a special bond that connects two people in an unbreakable and unique way. It’s the kind of relationship where you can talk about anything, share your secrets and laugh together. Friends are always there to lend an ear when needed, offer advice or just be present during difficult times. Best friends are even more special as they have gone through life experiences with each other which has created a deep connection between them both.

Friends quotes often reflect the importance of having someone by your side who will stay no matter what happens; “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same” – Elbert Hubbard being one such quote that speaks volumes about friendship in general. Poems about friends also capture this sentiment perfectly; ‘The language of friendship is not words but meanings’ by Henry David Thoreau conveys how sometimes it doesn't take words for us to understand our besties feelings - we simply know! Friendship day celebrates all types of relationships from close friendships to acquaintances as it recognizes how important these connections are for everyone's well-being and happiness overall! 

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In conclusion, friendships play an integral role in our lives providing comfort, joy and support throughout different stages along our journey so celebrating them on Friendship Day makes perfect sense! Whether its spending time with old pals or making new ones - cherishing these moments should be something we prioritize every single day because without those around us life would feel incomplete indeed!

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