Friendship Day Quotes Wishes Greetings for Best Friends & Status Update

My Love Bytes brings to you some of the best friendship quotes for friendship day celebrations. To be thankful to your close friends, best friends and loving friends who have always stood by you when you needed them the most. Good friends and well wishes are precious and valuable in life, they are rare and you are lucky if you have some good friends and best friend. We have posted some of the unique friendship quotations, sayings, messages and status updates that you can easily use to convey your feelings, emotions, love, sentiments and what you feel for them from your soul.

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International friendship Day is celebrated every year to mark the occasion of  relationships that we build by ourselves of free will on our planet whose foundation is based upon trust, faith, selfless love and sacrifice.

Friendship Day Quotes Wishes Greetings for Best Friends

Best Friendship Day Quotes Wishes and Greetings

I am lucky to have you as my friend. Thank you.

Though there are million reasons i love you, but best one is that you are my friend.

Happy friendship day dear.

You always take away my gloom and makes me bloom with all that inspiration in my life.

Happy Friendship Day Dear ! Love You.

Great to have a friend like you.

You are special to me and ill have special place in my heart.

Dear Boyfriend, love you so much. I wish that our bond of friendship remain strong.

True friends like you are hard to beget in life. I Value our friendship.

You are my friend like no other, we will remain with forever with each other.

Best wishes on this Friendship day. Hope you will like my little gift.

True friends, quotes on friendship day

Good friends share your all good stories but best friends have lived that with you.

You are my soulmate and my best of friend.

I wonder , how my life would have been without you by my side. Happy Friendship day.

Emotional Friendship Day Quotes

Best friends are the one who are always there will you, though they many not be physically present, but they protect you like angels.

I can't forget what you have done for me and have always there with me. You are part of my soul.

Let's celebrate this great day of us being together from childhood. Hugs.

There is nothing more valuable than a good friendship based upon trust and selfless love.

A friend is an emotional bond just as friendship is a human experience.

True friend is a special being that hearts needs all the time to complete.
Friendship Quotes, Wishes, Greetings for Best Friends

Best Friends Happy Friendship Day Sayings and Quotations

You are my best combo of a girlfriend and a best friend.

I always need you to be on my side as my lover and a friend.

A friend is sweet when its new, sweeter when its true and sweetest when its you.

Lucky you have friends like you as all of you belong to my happiest memories.

A True friends accepts you as you are and work upon your potential who you should be.

Real friend is much better than fake relationships.

Friendship is not about who has been there in your life longer. Its about who proved he was there when you needed them.

Short Best Friends Quotes

We were made for each other and we will be there for each other always.

Friends like you are gift of god. Much Gratitude to him for sending you in my life.

I fear nothing when you are by my side.

You are my best friend, that you for all you do for me.

I find my solace in your arms my friend. Happy Friendship day.

Good friends cherish each other's ambitions, hopes and inspire each other.

Friends, Best Friends, Friendship Day,

Best Friends make good times happier and hard times easier. Love you so much.

Thank you for being such special part of my life that i will always cherish.

You are the one that keeps my darkest secrets safe. I Love You.

Love you Dearest Friend !

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