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Everyone at one point of time will come to realize that it's good to be single and alone in life, give time to yourself as an individual and grow inside out. It's not that hard to take time out to appreciate your own self and devoting time to yourself and loving oneself. When you’re going solo in life and single, it can seem like the whole world is in love, have lovers, enjoying romance and sex with their partners being in love. Then there are curiosity mongers who wonder & keep pestering you why are you still single and acting like bhaiya or aunty. Everyone around you is obsessed with why you aren’t anchored or partnered up in marriage and pumping out kids and want to know if your sex tools are still functional & performing. While you want to tell them go to hell or scream, that all is well and being single is for the strong performers. 💗 Zodiac signs who are Flirtatious

Here are some of the popular being single quotes, single attitude quotes, single life quotes and single girl quotes that you will love. You can share these single and happy quotes with your friends, colleagues, family members who perhaps need an answer from you as why you are still single. These funny single quotes & sayings can also be used on single status on whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other Social media apps. 💖 Marriage Match Making Online for Compatibility

I being single means that i am willing to wait for right person who deserves me.

Stop asking me why i am single till now, did i asked you why are you married till now?

I like being single and free. I know i am always there for me.

I am single girl and i am happy than being heart broken and sad.

I am not single , neither i am taken. I am awaken myself to the fact, i better be on prized list and that one need to be special to take me home.

I really enjoy being single, its freedom from bullshit and assholes.

The only things i am committed is only to bettering myself .

Being single is so much better than being unhappy, feel cheated and disrespected in a relationship.

Being alone is so much relaxing and peace with myself and enjoying my company.

Being single is good feeling, No heartaches, no pain, no tantrums, no bullshit. But sometimes i do miss being taken.

Being single doesn't means that nobody wants you, it means god is still writing your love story and script full of romantic screenplay. 💗 Poetry : You Once Loved Me

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Funny  and Humorous Single Quotes

Being single means i am darma free, toxins free, less stressed and refuse to settle for anything less.

I am alone and enjoying everything and everyone entertaining me. 

Its official, i am bored of being single.

Being single is good, its nice feeling to be have being irresponsible.

Me alone in my solitudes with my chocolates is sweeter and better.

You know dear, your relationship with your boyfriend is great inspiration for me to remain single and enjoy life in better ways.

You are single so make the most out of it.

Happiness means being young, enjoying and being sexy single not yet ready to mingle.

Relationship status : Table booked for one but drinks for two.

I am single, because i don't want anyone else to ruin my life. I am alone enough to do so.'

Stop asking me, why i am single till now. Did i asked you why are you married till now?

I am single on this valentine day, so more money at my disposal to pamper myself and live life king size.

I am single Mom and i am enjoying it. Its best thing happened to me. 💗 Tarot Card Readings Online

Sarcasm funny quotes about being single

Being single means you have been "chosen one" to be smarter than being in wrong relationship and "Stupid one".

People ask me why i am still single. I got simple answer to their big question. It's because i have got "Brains" left. As i lost my heart.'

Yes now a days i smile a lot and cry less because he/she is not the reason anymore.

I hate fake love, single life is best, leave the rest.

Stay positive, stay single, enjoy freedom from toxic shitheads.

Being single is an opportunity given to us to life life on our own terms and not apologize to anyone.

I am single because i followed my heart but took my brains along with me. I saved both.

Yes, i am single. Any problems. Its my life, my rules, my attitude, my ass, who the hell are you to judge me. 💗 True Love Poetry

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Being Strong And Single Quotes

Its better to be single with high standards than be in a relationship and settle for idiots or less.

You alone are enough to taken on anything, you got nothing to prove to anyone or anybody who might be nobody.

It takes inner strength to remain single and still be happy and never compromising for lesser.

Yeah i am single, but you need to be amazing person to change my status.

There are instances in life when you have to go alone and embrace the solo journey of self exploration.

It takes inner strength to not settle for anything less, so your life is not a mess later.

Best thing about being single is that you have got drama free life, no fighting, no crying, no pain, no hurts and no heartbreaks and you stay strong.

People will feel lot better if they choose to remain single.

I am single because i don't want any asshole to control my life and what i wear.

No more EX, no more next because staying single is the best.

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Being single is not the time to look for love outside but it's time to look for yourself, love yourself, grow yourself and find yourself and evolve as an individual.

When i am single i see all happy couples around but when i start dating i find it's better to be single than to mingle with wrong kind of idiots and waste your time. It seems illusion of mind to keep tossing you from one state to another.

Better to wait for the right person being single and let that right person be the special one who can do anything to be your everything.

You alone are strong enough to deal with anything and requiring anyones shoulder for support.

The only thing i am committed is to myself, improving and investing time in me to love myself and not to anyone thankless stupid. 💗Free Dating Apps and Best Dating Sites for Singles

Proud Being Single Quotes

Being single allows you to understand the value of freedom when you are in controlled relationships and always under surveillance as if somebody's possession.

I am proud of being single and and enjoying the wine, dine and my night life.

The way your boyfriend/girlfriend treat you is enough inspiration for me to stay single & independent.

Being single doesn't mean you are weak, it means you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve without lowering your standards.

I Love being single, it gives me enough time to look after myself, do whatever i feel like doing to please myself and be happy.

I am single and i feel awesome not like worrisome couples with fake smiles.

As long as you feel happy, being single is not a big deal. Its being beautiful without seeking someone validation.

Being Single is no longer a lack of options but it's a matter of choice. 

I love being single every moment and i am enjoying my single status. I am free to come and go as I please too and stay out as late as I want to with no restrictions over me.

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