Sad Love Poems : You Loved Me Önce Poetry, For Ex Lovers Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Sad Love Poetry : You Loved Me Önce Poem For Ex Lovers, husband, Wife, Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

When you are in love your exhibit your vulnerability by sharing so much of yourself with another person whether its your girlfriend or boyfriend it's really tough 'sometimes. It turns out much harder when you have to deal with the sudden void in your life, period of loneliness that you might feel when that beautiful relationship once you nourished suffer with time and ends. But most of us still cherish beautiful memories and do have feelings for our ex partner and that is completely normal in broken relationships, and something that all of us who have been in love whenever in life have been through at one time or another in life.  We might convey our sadistic feelings in many ways from text messages to quotes and phone calls. But a heartfelt poem is a great way to let your ex lover know that they are on your mind and you remember them and truly missed sometimes or perhaps there was a lesson in all what happened. 💗 Intense Passionate Love Quotes For Those In Love

Being left, abandoned or separated by our loved ones is painful for everyone whether you are married or in a love relationship. Here is one of the poem about love and pain. Its  sad love poetry by someone expressing its hurt, pain, feelings, emotions about someone dear who left him or her.💗I Am Sorry Quotes

You Loved Me Once

By Rohit Anand 
(Writer, Poet, Singer, Guitarist)

I still remember that beautiful Day 
When you came into my life  it was May.

 Like a prayer and a Wish Fulfilled 
You called me by Name and Smiled. 

Never before I was Breathless 
And my heart beats raced Faster. 
For The Moment I was frozen in time 
seeing your beauty and deep into your eyes
 That you were the One to be Mine. 

I remember how I kissed you with Passion
 Leaving our lips on Fire 
You cherishing it for the days 
And I and had a Reason To Admire. 

I lived by you kisses and Embrace 
Existed by your touch & Your Love
Where Love had left a Printed Trace
Thought we were invisible by time and Survive 

In each other's arms for even Death 
Could not separate our Souls to stop until last breath

 but I was wrong time made you forget me
it wasn't Death that made me See.

By Rohit Anand

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