Most Flirty Zodiac Signs in Love Astrology Flirtatious Signs Of The Zodiac Ranked

Top Zodiac Signs that are ranked being the most flirtatious in their nature, personality and attitude.

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There are few zodiac signs to whom the sensuality, being flirty come easily due to rashi in which they are born and planet they are governed. This can be further enhanced if they planetary alignment or planets are further placed or conjunct planets that are supposed to be sensual, sexy, romantic and incite person into interest in other men or women. Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your flirting style, traits, personality and way you will be flirtatious with the person of the other zodiac. We have tried to rank the moon signs according to vedic astrology which are most flirty when in the relationship or among friends.

1. Gemini Zodiac men and women flirting style : Geminis are ranked number one in flirting as they are ruled by planet Mercury which is the planet of communication and loves to interact with everyone if the person is extrovert. They know how to play with words, use double meaning words, seduce and flirt with women with text messages, play and tease and get bored with one style quickly so they keep inventing funny, humorous ways of talking and sensually playing around blowing hot and cold with anyone they want to.

2. Libra Zodiac girls and guys flirting style : 2nd ranking honors in flirting goes to Librans. They are ruled by planet Venus which is also the planet of love, romance and sex. Libra zodiac males and females are attractive, sexy, romantic and develop the awareness about love and sex at an early stage. They are always interested in the opposite sex for sizzling romance and enter into relationship.They love handsome, graceful, well dressed and sensual people. Libra guys and girls love if beautiful people approach them in love game as they fully understand the skill on how to flirt. Some of the Libra damsels may appear shy on the first instance but they are in the game if approached gracefully, in peace and love. Romance, sensuality, passion, playfulness and seriousness are part of Libra flirty romantic field. One needs to pay attention to how one is dressed, elegant, charming and approach them intelligently and if you are well versed with romantic guitar and well perfumed oh you will surely succeed in romancing or flirting with Libra babes. Playing a love song, being humorous and sending funny flirty text messages are sure shot ways of flirting with Libra and they will love to do the same with men or women they  are interested in romancing. 

3. Leo Zodiac men and women flirting Style : Leo's love flattery, praise, recognition and being treated with respect and honour. They are self confident, ambitious and natural born leaders in what they aspire for in their life. Leo girls if interested in you will take initiative to approach you to flirt with you sweetly and in cute ways. They themselves love anyone approaching them with decency, gifts, praise their beauty and style. Leo's are smart and cool in the flirting game as they always maintain their self respect, charm and are in self control in sending you teasers or make you jealous if they know how to gain your attention. Leo themselves love to get gifts, cuddles, kisses, teddy bear if you are interested in them. When Leo girls and guys flirt with someone its stronger, egoistic, attractive, adventurous and can be entertaining too. They are passionate species and are courageous too but tender at heart and by flirting they are searching for the compatible partners who can be loyal, meet their material aspirations, confident and affectionate. The Lion or the Lioness simply wants the attention, applaud and doses of compliments to be impressed and intelligent humor is bonus for them if you want to create an impression upon them. * I Love You HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

4. Scorpio Zodiac males and females flirting style : Scorpio born men and women are quite passionate, intense, hot, sexy, straight and mysterious in the way they may flirt with their partner they are interested in. They are complex species, intuitive, direct in their approach, seductive, possessive and impossible to resist when they throw their charms on their prospective partner. By nature Scorpio are sensitive, confident in their flirts and can throw a sultry glance or a smile when their heart starts to beat for someone special. They will make you feel special, ask you what you like and can even present to you what you ask for in a surprising way to impress you. They won"t forget your birthdays, and special days and will make sure to present you with flowers and take you out on a date or a nice restaurant.

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