Happy Birthday Love Messages For Lover Boyfriend Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes For Him Husband

Here are some of the best and cutest birth wishes to be sent to your boyfriend or special person in life to express your love and say happy birthday. Sweet birthday wishes and messages for him that will surely bring him closer to you in your life. By : Rohit Anand at My Love Bytes.

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Sending Happy birthday wishes and cute text messages for loving males in your life can be best way to convey feelings of the heart. Now you can write some of the best romantic birthday text message on your messenger or facebook and also SMS him what you feel on this special day. Long distance lovers can also send free unique loving text message or update the status for him.

My love you are the reason i smile across thousand miles. Happy birthday to you dear.

Birthday are to be celebrated with the ones you love. I am happy to be the chosen one by destiny.

Happy Birthday Dear. You Came into my life and changed me and my heart, took my sadness away that was my life's part. Love you.

On your birthday i have got promise to make that i will always be a red cherry on your life's cake. Happy Birthday dear.

Happy birthday my boyfriend, to the man whom i always hold dear whether i am far or near.

On this special day, i just wanted to say that you are my world. Happy Birthday.

Hey Baby you are the one responsible for giving me breaths and taking them away too. 

Happy Birthday darling. To love of my life from a wife.

Love you birthday boy. hope you are ready this evening for your toy.

Hey Baby ! do you really need that candles for your birthday. you have already set my heart on fire and i am gonna light you up tonight.

Your birthday gives me one more chance of saying you, how much i love you and you are sexiest man getting hotter every year.

To the best boyfriend made on earth. Have a blast on your birthday.

Best part of my everyday is sharing a life, making it worthy with a person like you. Happy birthday honey.

WANTED. ALIVE. Birthday man. Reward KISSES if he surrenders tonight.

To my Mr. Right. You were right when you chose me. Come soon. Waiting for U honey.

Cheers and Beers to your completed ___ years. Happy birthday.

You are the writer of my fondest memories. Love you so much.

I never though i would love anything more than a chocolate until i found you. You are delicious baby. Birthday wishes sweetheart .

With your every passing year, my love for you get more stronger that i want you to hear. I Love you.

Birthday wishes to a special man who has always been there whether it was rain or sunshine. I am happy today and thank you that i can call you mine.

On your birthday today, i wish to light just one candle. To celebrate a special day that you are one of a kind which only i can handle.

Even when the days are dark, skies are gray, its has always been your smile brightens up my day. Happy birthday dear!

Birthdays come and go, but one thing you must truly know, that yours is more special than any than anyone can know!

On this special day i wish to tell you that my love for you is so strong, that i wish to play this song.

My dream came true when i met you.  Happy birthday to you.

Birthday wishes to my charming prince, words of  confession i wont mince. Thank you for being in my life. Love you.

On this special day, let it be romantic way. I wait for you on this day with surprises which will take your breath away. Happy birthday honey.

Honey ! Happy birthday to you. You don't know how excited i am today to spend the day with you.

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