Romantic Love Messages One liner Words of Romance for him and her by Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Top romantic quotes for lovers, best romantic love messages for people in love, Love sayings for her and him by Rohit Anand. Express your love for your loved one with these beautiful lines to give a strong impression of how you feel about being in love.

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" Distance means to little when the someone means so much in life " .
" I am addicted to the idea of us being together " .
" My favorite place is inside your hug " .
" I fell in love with you when i was finding it difficult to love myself " .
" You stole my heart but i will let you keep it " .
" Ever since i met you, i get a feeling nobody is worth meeting more " .
" You do the most adorable things without realizing " .
" I wish i was kissing you this moment than missing you " .
" By the way i am wearing the smile you gave me : .
" I am just a hopeless romantic hoping for a miracle ".
" Every time  i see the keyboard and see "U & "I " together " .
" Please! leave your home and love in my heart. I will keep you warm and secure" .
" To love someone in love is to have a glimpse of heaven in your life ".
" I hope you are ready to catch me because i am falling for you " .
" Love never knows its depth unless in the hours of separation " .
" I feel lucky when i am with you everyday" .
"You are the most romantic song played in my life on which i am ready to dance" .
" The first time you touched me , i knew i was born to be in your arms " .
" I seemed to have loved you in numberless forms and in endless ways" .

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