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Trending quotes for love to express your feelings for him. Some of the best romantic quotes for you to convey the feelings of your heart to your boyfriend and husband - By Rohit Anand @ My Love Bytes.

Here are some of the best i love you messages and quotes for him that will make him feel special and loved. These are some if the most cute quotes for him, husband and special man in your life that will give words to your feelings straight from your heart. These romantic quotations or sweet quotes for him or boyfriend can be used daily and on whenever you feel the need of it moments of love or the mood to reach out to him even though he is long distance love.

💘 I want a cuddle, so i could feel the warmth of your love, baby.

💘 I just sent this message to you, just to say that i still fall in love with you everyday.

💘 You know we have a chemistry together, that is making physics interesting and i am sure our biology will be equally awesome.

💘 Good Morning handsome. Hope you have a great day today. Love you.

💘 You know you are my favorite notification on my smartphone.

💘 I wanted to tell you something, i gave all unrestricted permissions on my mobile to you.

💘  By the way just reminding you i am wearing what you gave me today. Big Smile.

💘 You know sometimes its difficult to resist bad boys.

💘  Let's flip coin : heads, you are mine and tails i am yours.

💘 I fell in love with you not because how you look but what you are.

💘  YOU wanna know whom really i am in love with. Just read the first word, my world.

💘 You came into my life, you made me feel special,

💘 Dear future boyfriend hurry up and find me.

💘 You are not my number one but the only one.

💘 Behind every untrusting girl is her EX boyfriend who made her like that.

💘 I love you more than yesterday and that's how i feel everyday.

💘 Every moment i spent with you is just like a dream come true.

💘 First time i saw you and my heart whispered that's the one you are born for.

💘 You know i got butterflies in my stomach when i first saw you, next time its gonna be African Safari.

💘 I did not choose you, my heart did.

💘 Hey, my soul you make me whole.

💘 Just wanted to remind you, love is meant for the courageous and bold , fearless and not afraid to hold.

💘 Finally i did something right, and i am gonna hug you really tight.

💘 Inside and out you are perfect for me baby.

💘 Cure for you is only love and love me more. You will feel better.
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💘 You have a place in my heart that none can replace.

💘 Hey ! When i say " I Love You" it means i will be there, always for you.

💘 Meeting you and loving you was like coming home.

💘 Love is not a deal. You love me and i love you. I love you for you.

💘 You came silently into my life to become my life.

💘 Just wanted to tell you our love is a celebration that will never end.

💘 Moments with you are magical, with so much or sharing and loads of caring. Just wanted to thank you.

💘I can only say at the moments that feelings of my heart are real and i spent more time thinking about you rather than myself.

💘 I started loving myself more the day you starting loving more dear husband.

💘I don't know why i blush everytime you call me name with such cute loving ways.

💘 Just wanted to tell you that our bond of love is sweeter than sweetest and stronger than the strongest. I Love you women.

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