Kartik Aaryan Birthday Horoscope Birth Charts| Love Marriage Kundali Analysis

Bollywood celebrity Kartik Aaryan was born 22nd Nov in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the city of gwalior in India. His birthday zodiac Sun sign is Sagittarius according to western astrology. He is an Indian actor who works in Hindi films and has a huge female fan following throughout the world. Sagittarius men are optimistic, sociable, frank, passionate and are confident on what they do and want to achieve in life. They usually defend their loved ones and family who they are closer too. They are witty and outright honest people and don't hesitate to tell their frank opinion on matters or what they think about you.

Kartik Aaryan had commercial successes in comedy movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 in the year 2015, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety in 2018, with the latter emerging as his breakthrough film for his career in bollywood industry. He gained further acceptance among masses by his acting skills and roles in the romantic comedies like Luka Chuppi, Shehzada and Pati Patni Aur Woh both released in the year 2019 and the comedy horror film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (2022). 

Kartik Aaryan Zodiac Sign, Horoscope, Birth Charts| Love Marriage Kundali Analysis

Indian Bollywood Celebrity Actor Kartik Aryan Zodiac Sign, Horoscope Birth Charts, Love Astrology & Marriage Kundali Analysis

Name : Kartik Aaryan or Kartik Aryan Tiwari.

Date of Birth or Birthday : 22 November 1990.

Time of Birth : 2:00 P.M. Approx. His Time of Birth is Unknown.

City/ State/Country : Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Height : 1.83 m.

Zodiac Sun Sign : Sagittarius.

Kartik Aaryan Birthday Horoscope Birth Charts, kundli, Love Marriage Kundali Analysis

Kartik Aryan Family and Siblings :

Parents : His father name is Dr. Manish Tiwari who is a paediatrician and his mother, Dr. Mala Tiwari, is a gynaecologist. 

Sibling sister: Kritika Tiwari.

Kartik Aryan Career Astrology : Profession, Movies, Modelling, Networth, Name, Fame

Education : Degree in Engineering.

Debut in film Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011).

Upcoming movies: Shehzada, Satyaprem Ki Katha.

He was still in college when he started his career in films in bollywood in the year 2011 with Luv Ranjan buddy romantic film. Then he again did a movie Akaash Vani in the year 2013, Unbreakable in 2014 and again did Ranjan's comedy sequel Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 in 2015. Analyzing his horoscope birth charts, we find that some of his films will flop but he has good career ahead and will achieve much name and fame in life. His movies will continue to do well in bollywood film industry and make money in the future. He has many good astrological yogas in his kundli which supports him in his profession as an actor. Jupiter being exalted in his horoscope charts gives him good education, name, fame and recognition for his work in his career.

Kartik Aaryan Love Horoscope : Girlfriends, Dating, Love Affairs, Marriage, Divorce

Kartik Marital Status : Single, Unmarried.

Sexual Orientation : Hetrosexual.

Kartik Aaryan is single and unmarried till now and is more focussed on his career. He is rumored to have Affairs/Girlfriends with actress like Nushrat Bharucha (Actress) • Fatima Sana Shaikh (Actress, Rumour) • Sara Ali Khan (actress) etc. He has not been dating anyone but meet Sara Ali Khan and considered as good friends.His natal charts indicate that he will be cautions about his love relationships and prefer to grow slow in dating women in his life and will be careful. His kundli indicates that he is likely to have a women in his life who will be his friend closer to him and will be in secret relationship with him before it is known to public.

For Sagittarius men like Kartik, love is is always adventurous and are afraid to fall in love at first sight. They care of about person closer to them and hates being ignored in a relationship. If they feel that they are truly loved then they will remain loyal and devoted to women and make a family with her.

Kartik Aaryan On Social Media :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kartikaaryan/?hl=en

Twitter : https://twitter.com/theaaryankartik

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KartikAaryanOfficial/

Astrological Yogas in Birth Charts of Kartik Aaryan :

Vesi                  D-1   Sa                              Balanced, truthful and happy                                     Planets other than Moon in 2nd from Sun
Nipuna (Budha-Aditya) D-1   Su, Me                          Skillful, expert, well-known and respected                       Sun and Mercury together or in mutual 7ths
Anaphaa               D-1   Sa                              Comforts, good looks and character                               Planets other than Sun in 12th from Moon
Gaja-Kesari           D-1   Mo, Ju                          Famous and virtuous                                              Moon and Jupiter in mutual kendras
Paasa                 D-1   Naabhasa yoga - throughout life Talkative, characterless, may be imprisoned                      Seven planets in 5 rasis
Chaamara              D-1   Me, Ve                          Long-lived, scholarly, eloquent, learned in many arts            Two benefics in 7th, 9th and 10th
Saraswati             D-1   Me, Ju, Ve                      Very learned, skillful, intelligent, famous, praised             Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in kendras/konas/2nd, Jupiter in own/exaltation/friendly sign
Rajayoga              D-1   Me, Ma                          Successful and high achievements                                 Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords
Rajayoga              D-1   Ju, Mo                          Successful and high achievements                                 Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords
Maha Yogada           D-1   Sa                              Power, authority and wealth                                      Associated with lagna, GL and HL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership)
Viparita Raja Yoga    D-1   Su, Ve                          Success after pressures or someone else's losses                 The 6th and 8th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka
Raja Sambandha        D-1   Me, Ju                          Important person in a king's court                               Amatya karaka conjoining/aspecting 10th lord
Raja Sambandha        D-1   Me                              A famous personality.  Amatya karaka in a kona

Vimsottari Dasa, Maha Dasas of Kartik Aaryan Kundali:

 Sun: 1989-04-11 (4:31:14 pm) - 1995-04-12 (5:16:23 am)
 Moon: 1995-04-12 (5:16:23 am) - 2005-04-11 (6:55:58 pm)
 Mars: 2005-04-11 (6:55:58 pm) - 2012-04-11 (2:05:37 pm)
 Rah: 2012-04-11 (2:05:37 pm) - 2030-04-12 (4:42:48 am)
 Jup: 2030-04-12 (4:42:48 am) - 2046-04-12 (7:08:28 am)
 Sat: 2046-04-12 (7:08:28 am) - 2065-04-12 (4:06:20 am)
 Merc: 2065-04-12 (4:06:20 am) - 2082-04-12 (12:43:13 pm)
 Ket: 2082-04-12 (12:43:13 pm) - 2089-04-12 (7:48:31 am)
 Ven: 2089-04-12 (7:48:31 am) - 2109-04-13 (10:54:15 am)

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