Poetry For Mother : Love You Mom ! You Are Precious To Me

My Love Bytes brings to you some of the best poems dedicated to mother, love for mommy and gratitude towards mom. Through this poetry we have tried to poetry the emotions, love, sentiments of children son or a daughter towards Mother and which can be conveyed to her writings, greeting cards or while celebrating her birthday or realizing what she means to you in your life. We have tried to bring out the heartfelt. This beautiful poem on mother can also be used on Mother's day to say thanks to her and reassure her that she is loved and valued in the family.  

Love You Mom ! You Are Precious To Me

Poetry For Mother : Love You Mom ! You Are Precious To Me

Mom you have given me so much All Over Lives

Selfless Love from your Heart and the of 

Your Tender Touch. The gift of life 

In you are a Friend to me 

We have a very special Bond 

Which only comes from God

I am sure you agree.

As a child I would say Mommy I love you 

Now you are my Mother so Dear 

I love you even more with each and every Passing Year 

If I could have Chosen 

I would have picked No other But You

Then for you to be My lifelong 

Friend and Precious Mother

I Love You Mummy

I always Have, I Always Will

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