Love SMS Message to Boyfriend Husband EX Missing Him

Love messages, SMS text messages, and 'I miss you' messages for boyfriends, husbands, buddies or friends can be a great way to show someone that they are in your thoughts. Whether it's a long-distance relationship or just an everyday reminder of how special the person is to you - these types of communication can have powerful effects on relationships. 

The best love message will depend on the individual situation and should be tailored accordingly. For example, if you're missing your current partner then let them know by telling them exactly what it is about them that makes them so important to you - whether its their sense of humour or their kindness when times get tough. On the other hand if it's an ex-boyfriend then focus more on expressing regret for any hurtful words said during arguments and wishing him well in his future endeavours instead. 

No matter who receives the message though make sure that there is sincerity behind every word as even small gestures like this can go a long way towards strengthening relationships with loved ones near and far away!

Love Message, SMS Text Messages, I Miss You Message for Boyfriend, Husband, Buddy, Friend, Ex Boyfriend telling That You Are Missing Him

My Love Bytes brings to you some of the best love messages, sms that you can send to your husband, boyfriend, colleague, friends, buddy and him to tell them how much you love them and miss their presence. Convey to them how much you miss them will emotional, sentimental, loving message to make them realize that they got strong place in your life.

Love Message, SMS Text Messages, I Miss You Message for Boyfriend, Husband, Buddy, Friend, Ex Boyfriend telling That You Are Missing Him

Short Love Messages for Boyfriend, Buddy, Husband Telling that You Miss Him

I miss you my darling.

Honey I Miss you so much.

While You are away, I Miss you every moment.

I miss you so badly. Will always love you.

I hope you miss me as much as i miss you.

As the night falls and Moon appears i start to miss you as you are my moonlight.

I am really missing you on this day. Though i am far where i stay i love you i must say.

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Everyday spent with you is life well lived.

In the sea of humanity i see a good human being in you with a loving heart.

Be with me always and forever in my life. I feel fortunate to be your wife.

Cute Love SMS and Romantic Messages Telling Your Husband, Friend, Boyfriend Ex-boyfriend " I Miss You"

Hi Love, I miss your touch, i miss your kiss.

I Love you my darling wherever you are at the moment. Missing you !

When I look into your eyes deeply I see ocean of love, And when I look into your soul I see my mate!

Love SMS Message to Boyfriend Husband EX Missing Him

I Love you more than words have the power to say, I Love You.

Hey Babe, Miss you ! Where are you. Love You.

Darling ! I Love You. What You are and what i become with you.

You're my Soulmate, my close friend, my companion and my confidante too. Thank you, I Miss you.

I cannot wait to meet you, kiss you, love you tonight. Missing you badly.

Love Messages I Miss You SMS Text Message to Boyfriend Him Husband Missing You Cute Message of Missing Him Ex Boyfriend Buddy Friends Darling Images

Since i met you, there are no more rainy days and enjoy morning sunshines.

I Miss you my soulmate, my friend and my buddy.

I love the beautiful memorable feelings that you give me. I love you, my dear Boyfriend.

You are always in my dreams, there i meet you everyday but i miss your smell.

I always feel safe, secure and warmth in your loving arms. I miss you baby.

I Miss you dear. I miss your voice, i miss your smell. I miss your hugs and miss your smile.

Roses are red, violets are blue. When i am with you, there is no feelings of blue. You are the one that made my life complete with love replete.

Every moment spent with you my dear, are special moments for me as we share our feelings and our life together.

You make my heart melt when i see you and feel you. 

Any puzzle is incomplete without a piece. You are my life's beautiful puzzle to come into my life complete it. I miss you.

There is nothing more painful that being ignored by you. Please come and give me a hug as i miss you.

I am addicted to you and your love doses. I Love you more than you can ever imagine.

You do millions of little things with love for me that brings joy to my life.

Romantic SMS Messages for Your Boyfriend When You Are Apart From Each Other

Best part of my day is your smile which brings sunshine in my life.

As we grow separately, we also grow together in devotion, trust faith, and it's truly a privilege. Miss you.

Missing your passionate kiss and your chocolate lips.

I miss you handsome.

My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never wane.

I dream of you every night. I want your love in my life to make it right.

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