Johnny Depp Birthday Horoscope|Marriage|Divorce|Scandals|Movies

Johnny Depp Birth Chart Horoscope Analysis, His Wife, Marriage & Divorce, Scandals With Girlfriends and Career in Movies

John Christopher Depp II or Johnny Depp is an famous American Hollywood actor, film producer, and musician. He was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky with zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Ascendant of Cancer zodiac according to Vedic Astrology. Johnny Depp was the youngest of four children of waitress Betty Sue Palmer and civil engineer John Christopher Depp.
Johnny Depp Birth Chart Horoscope Analysis, His Wife, Marriage & Divorce, Scandals With Girlfriends and Career in Movies
Being born under zodiac sign of Cancer makes him charming, sensitive, emotional, touchy, attractive, nurturing, protective, intuitive and sentimental by nature. His D1 or ascendant chart reveals that his lagna lord Moon sits in the 6th house in Sagittarius zodiac of enemies, obstacles, diseases and that too with Ketu in conjunction. Now Moon is at 20 degrees and Ketu is at 28 degree which is quite close and that affects his mental behaviour and makes him eccentric with sometimes weird looking as Moon is also his lord of body. The water signs like Cancer wants more to share emotional compatibility and similar values about security, trust, and commitment with the partner, wife, girlfriend or lover. 

Johnny Depp Horoscope , Zodiac Birth Charts, Moon Sign, Rashi Kundali Details

Birthday or Birth Date : 09 June 1963.

Time :     08 : 44 AM, Time Zone : 6:00:00 (West of GMT)

Place:         87 W 06' 48", 37 N 46' 27" Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius and Ascendant : Cancer.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Shobhana - Jyeshtha

Tithi:         Krishna Tritiya (Ma) (85.31% left)

Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su)

Nakshatra:     Poorvashadha (Ve) (46.32% left)

Yoga:          Sukla (Mo) (35.87% left)

Karana:        Vanija (Ve) (70.61% left)

Hora Lord:     Saturn (5 min sign: Ar)

Mahakala Hora: Mercury (5 min sign: Le)

Kaala Lord:    Jupiter (Mahakala: Jupiter)

Ayanamsa:      23-19-51.87.

Johnny Depp Facts and Films 

Height : 1.78 metres.

His Hobbies : Reading, Painting and Guitar. Johnny Depp is a big fan of Mexican food & prefers south of the border cuisines like tacos, elote, enchiladas, and chilaquiles.

His Movies : Into The Woods, The Tourist, The Lone Ranger, Black Mass, Pirates of The Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Secret Window, Edward Scissorhands, Public Enemies, Charlies and The Chocolate Factory etc.

Johnny Depp Profession, Career Astrology, Movies Nominations And Awards

Johnny Depp Birthday Horoscope|Marriage|Divorce|Scandals|Movies
His Profession : Actor, Musician, Film Producer. He loves playing guitar and painting. He has also worked in television serials, documentary film, Video games lending "Captain Jack Sparrow" voice. 

Johnny Depp Movies Filmography Nominations and Awards : In 2004, 2005 and 2008 he was nominated for best actor award (Academy Awards) when he was running Rahu dasa which sits in his 12th house of Gemini and he was having Mercury Venus antar dashas in his birth charts. In D 10 Varga Charts these planets are his 9th and 10 lords and sits in the 5th house of talents and creativity.

Depp's first film role was in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street  in the year 1984 when his Moon dasha was operational in his horoscope charts. Here Moon sits with Ketu, a demonical planet and he played a devil role in the film and he is also known for his eclectic and unconventional film choices. Now dispositor of Sagittarius Jupiter sits in the 9th house that brought him luck, name, fame, success. From the year 2003 he achieved perhaps his greatest success as Capt. Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series under Rahu Mahadasha.

Johnny Depp Married Life, Love Relationships, Sex Scandals, Divorce With Wife and Court Cases

Johnny Depp horoscope charts reveals him to be a romantic, imaginative and intimate lover. Sex with a Cancer will always feel like an intimate and emotional affair and women in his life might have felt like that. Johnny is also intuitive by nature and that also makes for a satisfying time between the sheets in the bedroom. Cancer men find enjoyment in fulfilling desires of a women in whatever way that connects them deeply as they are sensitive about it, thanks to their extreme sensuality, sexiness and giving nature. Johnny 7th house is occupied with 7th lord itself Saturn which is more of karmic planet and it is retrograde position in Capricorn zodiac. His lagna lord sits in the 6th house of enemies with ketu this causes bad marriages and divorces as he has some unfinished agenda with women from past lives which is leading to troubles, divorces and court cases. Now his planet of love Venus sits in the 11th house in Taurus with lord of 12th house Mercury and 2nd house Sun. These conjunctions afflict his Venus in D1 charts and Navamsa chart too.

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Johnny Depp Wife, Spouse and Girlfriends : Amber Heard, Lori Anne Allison, Sherilyn Fenn, Winona Ryder, Vanessa Paradis 

Famous Cancer Personalities and Celebrity : Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Hanks, Jaden Smith, Post Malone, Nick

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Johnny Depp Natal Charts or Kundli Vimsottari Dasa and Antardasas in this MD:

  Ven: 1952-09-15 (11:38:51 pm) - 1972-09-16 (2:34:15 am)

 Sun: 1972-09-16 (2:34:15 am) - 1978-09-16 (3:23:24 pm)

 Moon: 1978-09-16 (3:23:24 pm) - 1988-09-16 (4:56:19 am)

 Mars: 1988-09-16 (4:56:19 am) - 1995-09-17 (12:07:47 am)

 Rah: 1995-09-17 (12:07:47 am) - 2013-09-16 (2:44:50 pm)

 Jup: 2013-09-16 (2:44:50 pm) - 2029-09-16 (5:11:07 pm)

 Sat: 2029-09-16 (5:11:07 pm) - 2048-09-16 (2:02:09 pm)

 Merc: 2048-09-16 (2:02:09 pm) - 2065-09-16 (10:34:02 pm)

 Ket: 2065-09-16 (10:34:02 pm) - 2072-09-16 (5:35:19 pm)

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