Amber Heard Zodiac Horoscope Birth Chart By Top Astrologer of The World

My Love Bytes brings to you American celebrity Amber Laura Heard Zodiac Horoscope Birth Chart By Top Astrologer of The World Shri Rohit Anand. She made the beginning of her career in the year 2008 and made her mark with her acting skills and roles in Hollywood movies like Friday Night Lights, Drop Dead Sexy, Pineapple Express, Criminal Minds, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom etc.

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Amber Heard was born in the month of April under the Sun Sign of  Taurus according to Western astrology and she was having ascendant of Virgo as per Vedic astrology or horoscope under the nakshatra of  Hastha. Women born under Virgo moon sign are of beautiful complexion, analytical mind, grounded, practical, analyzing, thinking and has the capacity for strong and devoted love whom she allows in her life. But if anyone does something untrustworthy, abusive, and disloyal or insulting then they will be quick to fall in the eyes of Virgo girl losing respect and dignity. Then you will find that such people cannot regain their trust, loyalty as they do not forgive or forget easily.

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Amber Heard Zodiac Horoscope Birth Chart By Top Astrologer of The World

Amber Heard 4K HD Wallpapers

Astro Profile of Amber Heard : Zodiac Sign, Kundali, Nakshatra, Natal Charts

Name : Amber Heard or Amber Laura Heard.

Date of Birth or Birthday : 22 April 1986.

Time : 2:00 PM. (Approx)

City/State/Country : Austin, Texas, USA.

Zodiac Sign : Virgo. Ascendant : Cancer Rashi.

Children & Family: Oonagh Paige Heard. Parents: David Heard, Paige Parsons.

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Amber Heard Career Astrology : Profession, Networth, Movies, Wealth, Success, Name & Fame

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Profession : Modelling, Actress. Activist.

Outside of her acting career, Heard is a global spokesperson for the cosmetics giant L'Oréal Paris and a human rights activist.

We see her Sun is placed in the 10th house of her profession along with Rahu in the Ashwini Nakshatra which makes her ambitious, liberal, famous, bold and dominating in her career achieving name, fame and awards for her different roles as an actress. This combination brings her success, name, fame in her career and popularity and fan following. Her lord of 2nd house Sun sits in the tenth house of her profession but eclipsed by Rahu. Which shows that she also face bad reputation, insults, loss of prestige in dealing with govt with reprieve too.

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Amber Heard Love Horoscope : Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Relationships & Court Cases

Spouse & Partner: Ex Husband Johnny Depp From : 2015–2017. 

Their divorce and defamation cases drew significant interests among their fans, public and media attention when Amber Heard alleged that Johnny Depp was abusive throughout their relationship in their marriage. 

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If we analyze her love relationships, marriage and partnerships we see that her 7th lord Saturn is in the 5th house of Scorpio which is weak and afflicted and hemmed between malefics. From her Moon sign we find that her 7th lord Jupiter is in the 6th house of disputes, enemies and court cases. Her Saturn also aspects her seventh house of marriage and planet Venus which is placed in the 11th house of her natal charts. She could have been abused and suffered in her relationship with bouts of depression, anxiety disorders and pain in her relationships. Dispositor 5th house (Mars) of romance is in the 6th house of disputes, court cases, troubles and problems with men in her life. In Her D1 natal charts 6th house Lord Jupiter is again in the 8th house of death, humifaction, losses that will bring transformation in life

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