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Top Sorry quotes for girlfriend, funny sorry quotations for her, i am sorry messages for GF and wife and heartfelt apology quotes for females.

forgiveness quotes, apology, asking for sorry, i am sorry quotes and sayingsIn relationships and in love life there arises a situation that we do commit mistakes, develop misunderstanding with people who are close to us and sometimes we also hurt their emotions, sentiments and feelings unknowing and knowingly. But when we realize that we have hurt them we try to assuage their feelings and express our apology and say sorry to them for the hurt we have caused. Here we are giving some short ; i am sorry quotes, forgiveness quotes, and some funny sorry quotes for her and girlfriend which will help you overcome difficult situations and get back your love and relationship on right track.

I wish you were aware how heartbroken i am from inside,i know i wronged you and i sincerely apologize for it.

I very rarely say sorry, but when i say , i mean it and with full honesty.

Today i realize my mistake and i am truly sorry for my words and actions.

I am sorry dear. I let myself and you down. I feel sad.

What can i say at this sad situation : I feel sorry and i ask for forgiveness.

I am sorry i become jealous sometimes and i overreact.

I know i fight with you sometimes, i also misbehave and i hurt you with my little foolish actions but let me tell you i can't live without you. I am sorry dear.

I am really sorry,i am not a sorted out person and i complicate everything between us.

I feel sad and hurt to have acted the way i would have never done and i realize my mistake and ask for your forgiveness.

I am sorry baby, and i would repeat : i still love you.

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I am not perfer being on earth, i commit mistakes,i realize it and i do say sorry,when i say so,i meant it.

I am ashamed i disappointed you, and i say sorry for it.

I'm really sorry that i lost my self control and overreacted.

I ask for your forgiveness, i know i have turned the things for the worse, i assure you i will fix them.

I am sorry dear i can'tplease everyone.

These flovers are for you , just to say you that i am really sorry, i was bad ass.

I apologize to you will all my heart and soul, when i lied to you.

Just saying sorry i was an idiot to behave like that.

I am human not inhuman, i make mistakes and i also realize it and not afraid to say you sorry.

I am truly sorry for my hurting words and irresponsible actions.

I am sorry that i am not what you wanted and expected.

Just saying sorry is not enough, i know one has to improve and change.

I want us to forgive each other so that we can live with  peace and love again.

Forgiving leads to stronger love . So i ask for it from you.

I am really sorry, I know its my fault, kindly tell me how can i correct it and make things up.

Forgive me dear, i still love you.

Forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes strong person to feel sorry from heart and to even stronger person to really forgive.

Please, Please, dont give up upon me. I regreat saying hurtful words.

Feel my hear and your will feel it beating with your name even now. I Love you and i am sorry for what i did to you.

I am sorry for being irritating, impatient and behaving like a immature person. Bu i will grow up soon. I assure you.

I know my lies have caused much distress and pain to you, i promise never to do it again. I want ot see you smile forever. Please forgive me.

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