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My Love Bytes brings you some of the best positive inspirational breakup quotes and inspirational breakup sayings that you can contemplate and SMS to your EX. By Rohit Anand.💔

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 💘 Sayings And Quotes about Breakups and Moving on.

If you have been in love anytime in your life you must have gone through a breakup or has suffered from a broken heart when feelings get hurt. On the initial stages of  breakup, its sad and lonely feeling that one goes through at the beginning and only over the months or years later will one realizes why it happened and where things went wrong or whose mistake it was. But when its time to walk away from a relationship and sensitive time for breakup or a divorce, its much wise to part with a positive breakup words or as these positive breakup quotes and ideas or thoughts going to help you a lot in the future. As you never know what the destiny going to bring before you in the future, it may be your Ex again. So lovers should walk their own separate ways in positive way because everyone is sent and taken away from your life for a reason.

Most breakups in life often leads to identity loss for some women or men and a feeling of worthlessness seeps in. That's why its important the we need  to re-connect with ourselves again, and regain the self confidence and achieve self worth. To be the person, we truly are and move on with life.

💛 If you really love someone then let it go, if someone really loves you it will come back but if he or she does not it is not meant for you.

💛 There is no light without darkness, there is no love without the feeling of loss. One of the toughest lessons of life we’ll ever learn.

💛 All one can do is to learn from the experience and then move on in life.

💛 Relationships are like broken glass, sometimes you have to leave it broken rather than to hurt yourself while trying to pick up the pieces.

💛 Sometimes relationships are not destined to be fixed. When you have learned and grown you are ready for someone else to uplift you lovingly.

💛 If you think of changing yourself which is not good for you, for the slim chances that your Ex will come back to love you, if you try to become who they want you to be that you are not meant to be, you will lose yourself.

💛 I'm going to smile and make him think I'm happy, I'm going to laugh, so you don't see me cry, I'm going to let you go in style, and even if it kills me – I'm going put a smile.

💛 After every breakup, Pain is inevitable but Suffering is optional always.

💛 In life you cannot start a fresh chapter in life if you keep reading the previous one.

💛 You can breakup a women temporarily but a real women will pick up her piece and rebuild her life again.

💛 Some breakups are not for the makeups. But it is just the wakeup.

💛 Time brings wonderful times to show you the reality that you ignored being blind to truth.

💛 Always Save your heart for someone who cares.

💛 Wise always train their minds to see the good in every situation that happens to us.

💛 Worst feeling you can undergo is that you are forgotten by someone when you cannot forget the other for the moment.

💛 Even if you cannot be with me till the end. I am greatful to you to be part of my life.

💛 Stop seeking happiness with people with whom you lost it.

💛 Some people are going to leave but that does not mean that its the end of the story. It only means that its their part of story that ended in your life.

💛 Never love or cry anyone who treat you like a ordinary one.

💛 Just imagine, you were happy with the wrong person for sometime, how much you will be happy with the right person for long time.
💛 Sometimes people don't understand your pain, unless it happens to them.

💛 If you were happy before he or she came into your life, you will also be alive and happy when they are gone from your life.

💛 I am not single and i am not committed yet. I am simply on reserve mode for the right person who deserves.

💛 You have to meet wrong ones initially so you could appreciate and value the right ones.

💛 What left unsaid at certain moments, says it all.

💛 You treated me like a option, so i am leaving you with choice.

💛 Just wanted to tell you that. Life will go on, with you or without you.

💛 Words mean nothing when the actions contradict.

💛 I promise you, you will search me in the another person but you will never find me. I am unique.

💛 Just because i am letting you go dosen't mean i want to. it just means that your happiness is dear to me more than myself. Love you.
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💛 Not everyone you loose in life is a loss.

💛 Distances tell you what is worth keeping and what is not worthy enough to keep.

💛 I never stopped caring, it what you did, so i chose to take care of myself.

💛 What you will allow will continue in life.

💛 Its called breakup because its broken that is not strong enough to be carried ahead in life.

💛 Moving on doesn't mean that you have forgotten everything, its just that you accept the circumstances and choose to live happy life still. 

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