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" Friends are medicine for broken heart and vitamins for hopeful soul."
" True friends are never apart, there may be distance with never at heart."
" A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have it. "
" True friends are the ones that can hear when you are silent and care when you in difficult times."
" Best friendship is the one that is devoid of any expectations and based upon pure love. "
" A real friend is the greatest of  blessings of god. "
" Good friends are like stars, you may not always see them but they are always there for you in hours of need."
" Being honest in life may not get you large number of friends but it will surely help you retain the right ones. "

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" A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. "

" Life is much better with true friends. "

" Some friends always understand each other upon meeting each other."

" Friendship is all about similar species that are your kind of crazy. "

" Authentic friendship is just like a umbrella that saves you from thunderstorms ! You just have to hold upon it."

" True friends are always few in number that keeps drama out."

" Friendship is all about being trusting each other, being honest with each other, being helping each other, being crazy together."

" True Friends are connected heart to heart and time or distance never break them apart."

" Friendship is not about knowing anyone for the longest but who have been there for you when you needed to the most."

"As we grow up we begin to realize that what we need are real friends of value and not who enrich your lives. "

" Because of you i laugh a little more, cry a little less and smile a lot more". thank you for being my true friend."

" Friends don't allow you to do silly things alone, they do it together with you."

" Never forget who ignored you when you needed them the most and never forget who was there for you even before you asked."

" True friends in life will always uplift you, defend you when you are not there, will stand by you guide you rightly and stop you for being stupid."

" Best friends are those who can see the pain and hurt in your eyes when you have been fooling everyone around."

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