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Virgo Zodiac Sign Dates, Free Daily Virgo Horoscopes Online, Virgo Sun signs Personality Traits, Kanya Rashi Astrology Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Forecast by famous astrologer Rohit Anand

Zodiac Sign : Virgo or Kanya Rashi. Horoscope Birth Charts of Virgo Sun sign : 6th zodiac. Ruling Planet of Rashi : Mercury. Element : Earth. Quality : Mutable. Duality : Feminine. Ruling Parts of Body : Nervous System, Intestines and Upper region of Stomach. Symbol : The Virgin. Glyph: virgo indian horoscopes. Lucky Day : Wednesday or Budhwar. Lucky Gemstone In Vedic Astrology: Emerald. Lucky Direction: North West. Virgo Sign Compatibility : Leo, Sagittarius.
Virgo Zodiac sign Season Date, Free Daily Virgo Horoscope Astrology Online, Virgo Rashi Phal, Virgo Kundli, Virgo Weekly Monthly Yearly Predictions

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