What Makes People Fall out of Love? Know The Reasons

Love is a beautiful thing. It makes us feel safe, protected and secure. But like everything in life, love comes with challenges too. Sometimes love can be taken for granted and we struggle to appreciate the other person because they are no longer playing their part in making our lives enjoyable or fulfilling.As we get older and start thinking about marriage, one of the biggest questions that couples must ask themselves is "Why has this happened?" Whether it is a lack of communication or abuse, there are many reasons why couples fall out of love.When someone falls out of love, there are several reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that they haven't received enough attention and appreciation from the person they are in love with. If you don't know how to show your partner love and affection, then this can be a problem.

Love is a powerful emotion that can bring two people together in an incredible way. However, it’s not uncommon for relationships to end and for people to fall out of love with each other. There are many reasons why this may happen, some of which include facing hardships or difficulties that have strained the relationship, falling in love with someone else and even betrayal from one partner, bad habits, abusive relationship, infidelity, cheating, interference of in laws, financial difficulties or sexual incompatibility also. We have also observed that most partners lose interest in other when they stop listening to each other, try to impose their views and doesn't give freedom or space to fulfill their ambitions or grow as an individual and fail to support their work in positive ways.

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What Makes People Fall out of Love? Know The Reasons

There are many reasons why people fall out of love. The most common are that they don't feel appreciated, respected or valued in their relationship. Sometimes individuals in a love relationship or marriage becomes more dominating, controlling, restrictictive towards other partner. A person might feel that they are not given privacy, freedom, opportunity to grow and realize their true potential as a person. People often think the relationship is working until they discover an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before it is possible to get back on track with happy times again. Or it could be that your partner doesn't show gratitude and appreciation for what you do for them! 

Another common cause of breakups is when one partner falls out of love because they've fallen head-over-heels with someone new instead - often referred to as infatuation or limerence - leaving little room left in their heart for anyone else but this newfound person who has captured all attention and affection away from the original partner.. This type situation happens more often than most would think; however there isn't much either party could do prevent such occurrences since true emotions cannot be controlled by logic alone.

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Relationships are one of the most important things in life, yet we often take them for granted. We expect good treatment in our relationships and get frustrated when our needs are not met. When there is a lack of appreciation and caring from our partners, it can lead to an eventual breakdown of trust, leading to the erosion of love.When a person feels devalued or that their needs aren't being met, they may begin to feel restless and unsatisfied. This can lead to resentment and contempt for the partner, which eventually leads to an end in the relationship.

People do sometimes fall out of love for not giving quality time to each other and lack of understanding the emotions, sensitivity and needs of other partner. Some couples have grown apart, while others have drifted apart due to lack of communication and interest in each other. Whatever the reason, when you are in a relationship and one of you starts neglecting the other, it can make you feel neglected or unimportant. This can cause a person to feel less loved and valued which creates a further decline in their feelings for their partner.Some people are just not attracted or attracted to the person they are with. It could be that there is no chemistry between you and that person, it can be a personality clash or something as simple as one partner only loving certain aspects of their significant other.

One fundamental reason why couples may drift apart is due to hardships they face together as a couple. Difficult times can put immense strain on any relationship and if these issues aren't addressed then it's likely the bond between them will be weakened over time until eventually both parties no longer feel connected or in love anymore. It's important for couples who are going through tough times to communicate openly about their feelings so they can work towards overcoming their problems together rather than allowing them tear them apart emotionally over time. The bottom line is that love is not a one-sided emotion, but rather a two-way street that requires mutual effort.

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Important Signs That You Are falling Out Love With Your Partner

  • You don't see your future together anymore.
  • You don't feel appreciated for what you do for your partner & family.
  • There is falling level of communication between you and your partner and you refuse to listen to him or her anymore.
  • Your priorities are changing and you feel trapped in relationship or marriage.
  • You feel less inclined to spend time and want your partner to be away.
  • Your peace of mind is shattered when he or she is around.
  • Physical intimacy is lacking.
  • You feel abused, used and criticized.
  • You have more negative thoughts about your partner and feel depressive.
  • You are emotionally hurt and find that he or she always find faults in you and humiliate or disrespect your parents.
  • He or she refuses to grow, change, improve and leave bad habits that is hurting the relationship.
  • You don't feel like talking to him or her don't find your partner attractive anymore.
  • He or she feel distant, unhappy and one of the partner has stopped caring, sharing responsibilities, financial burden of the other, children or family.
  • He or she is not near in your bad times or when you are sick and suffering.
  • Your partner always finds faults in you and your work and says you are good for nothing.
  • He or she doesn't show any inclination or support for your growth, career, sharing responsibilities and remains distant.

Lastly, another reason why partners might grow distant from each other is due trust being broken by one side – whether through physical cheating such as having an affair outside the relationship , emotional affairs where deep connections have been formed without physical contact taking place ,or simply lying about something important . In these cases trust needs rebuilding before any real progress forward can take place otherwise both parties will continue feeling insecure around each other leading up eventual separation or divorce if matters remain unresolved after too long . 

All things considered , there can be various reasons why people tend fall out of love ; ranging from facing difficult challenges within your own partnership all way down individual betraying another’s trust entirely with extra marital affair in office or with ex flame coming back in married life . Ultimately though whatever causes breakup at hand its best try understand what happened so you able move forward heal properly afterwards regardless how painful process might initially seem. Although losing someone we care about deeply through falling out of love isn’t always easy but understanding what causes us humans beings fall apart from each other might help us prevent any similar occurrences happening again in the future by understanding the root causes and addressing it quickly. So long as we take heed into account what makes relationships strong and healthy and what leads to decay throughout our lifetime we can avoid breakups, unhappiness if we don't take anything for granted!

By Author, Poet, Writer and Astrologist Rohit Anand.

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