Sensual Love Poems : Want To Hold You Close to Me & Kiss You

Here is the huge collection of steamy, hot and romantic sensual poetry that can raise the temperature between lovers and help in getting close to each other more in passionate relationship. Sensual love poetry are stimulating and bring that spark back to the love life of individuals who crave to be touched, hugged, kissed and get intimate with their lovers. Below you will find number of sexy and passion filled poetry that you can share with your lover, partner, husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend.Sensual love poems have been a part of romantic relationships since the beginning of time. They are an expression of deep emotion, passion and desire that can be shared between two people in love. Whether it is a hot love poem for him or her, passionate love poem or short seductive poems for him or her – these pieces capture the essence of romance and passion like no other form can. 

A sensual poem speaks directly to the heart with its words, conveying emotions that sometimes cannot be expressed through mere conversation alone. It allows us to express our innermost feelings without fear of judgment from another person; we can simply let our words flow freely from one heart to another as if they were meant only for each other’s eyes (or ears). When reading such poetry aloud during intimate moments together, it creates an even deeper connection between two lovers – allowing them both to experience something truly special together. 

My Love Bytes brings to you beautiful Sensual Love Poems where a man and women in love Want To Hold each other close in embrace and kiss each other.

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Sensual Passionate And Romantic Poetry For Him and Her

Want to Hold You Forever

By Rohit Anand

(Writer Poet and Astrologer)

If I could have one wish, 

it would be to spend the rest of my life with You

I want to be always besides You.

I want to hold you close and never let go.

I want to kiss your lips and feel your heartbeat against mine.

I want to look into your eyes 

and see how much you love me as much as I love you.

I want You to know that we will always be together

No matter what happens in this crazy world.

But most of all, I want us to Never lose

 Sight of how lucky we are to have found each other.

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At their core, sensual poems are all about expressing your true feelings towards someone you care deeply about in a way that will make them feel loved and appreciated more than ever before! So whether you choose to write your own piece or find one online written by someone else who has experienced similar emotions before - take some time out today and share this beautiful gift with those closest to you! You won't regret it!

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