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Astrology is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries. It uses the position of stars and planets to determine a person’s personality traits, life path, and even romantic compatibility. Each zodiac sign carries its own unique characteristics which can help us better understand our love lives. So what are the most romantic zodiac signs in astrology?

Top Romantic and lovable Zodiac Signs according to Vedic Astrology ! By Rohit Anand India.  

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Is having a great love life written in stars, well this is what best Vedic astrologers has to say. For those who believe in horoscope knows that having a good sexual compatibility and intimacy is essential to have a good marriage or a healthy relationship. Every individual or couples have different ideas, fantasies, desires or romantic style as to how they would like to expressing their feelings, emotions and love to their partner in a love relationship.We found that sexual astrology has the answers and every zodiac sign exhibits different ways in which they would like to have sex and get intimate with their partner. Some want it gentle way, some wild, some seek deep connection and some are adventurous in making love to their partners. If their is mismatch in sexual compatibility between couples then it can be the major source or dissatisfaction and can lead to separation. We are giving here some of the most sexual zodiac signs in astrology and how they are in bed and what you should expect from them. This will help you develop more understanding with your spouse, girlfriend, husband or partner.

Dreamy Pisces Are Passionate Lovers

The first sign on this list is Pisces—the dreamers of the zodiac world! They have incredibly deep emotions which make them very passionate lovers who will go out of their way to make sure their partner feels special and appreciated. Their compassionate nature also makes them great listeners; they are always willing to lend an ear when someone needs it most! 

Zodiac sign of Scorpio in Relationships and Romance 

Scorpio men and women are 8th zodiac sign in Vedic astrology and is ruled but a hot planet of Mars. Scorpios are intense in passionate sexual relationships and their appetite is high. They like to go deep and explore the depth of water element that rules the Scorpio sign. They love to experiment, be adventurous in love making and love relationships and gain more and more sexual knowledge to enhance their pleasure in bed. They find it stimulating to have sex in waters, pools, waterfalls and bedroom and don't have inhibitions either in using tools for making session more exciting. Pure Scorpios will only find satisfaction in a lifestyle which will allow them to satisfy their strong physical as well as emotional appetites and to provide them an outlet for their drive to success. Scorpio is a symbol of sex and Scorpios will be the most sensually energetic of all zodiac moon signs. For them union with the beloved will be sacrament, an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. They usually have overriding urge in loving will to use their martian power to penetrate beyond themselves and to lose themselves sexually in their partners in an almost mystical ecstasy , thus discovering the meaning of that union which will be greater than individuality and will be a marriage of the spirit as well of flesh. Thus they will be capable of reaching greatest heights of passionate transport, but debauchery and sadistic perversion will always be dangers and Scorpios  can become sadistic people of sensuality and eroticism.

Scorpios usually need strong satisfying partners and they can be quite wild and hot in the bed. They have great personal magnetism and can be dominant in matters of love and sexuality. Dating a Scorpio men and women can involve passionate encounter with hot kisses and getting physical too. With high sex drive and intense love feelings they can be intuitive at the same time probing your mind as what you crave for in matters of love and romance. In nutshell, Scorpio is the astrology sign of extremes and intensity. Transformation is what Scorpio are all about- in their minds, bodies, affairs and relationships as Scorpios will also be the society's transformers.

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Zodiac sign of Gemini in Love & Romance

Gemini zodiac moon sign is another sexual sign who are quite sensual and experts in game of seduction. Though they are more interested in size of your IQ than your size of penis as its the intellect that impress them the more. For them romance and foreplay in love making comes naturally and they love to have fun, play, tease and flirt. Gemini men and women can be bisexual, open, frank and love to talk anything under the sun which is considered taboo by many. Gemini guys and ladies need change in the way they make love to their partners as same repetitive ways of expression makes it boring for them. Mercury rules Gemini and is a planet for communication, humor and taking it easy when it comes to forming relationships with others.

If you have been dating a Gemini women or men then it may involve lots of social interaction, intellectual conversations, sense of humor and subtle seduction. They need to fall in love your brains first before they get closer to your rest of the body.

Zodiac sign of Libra in love and Romance

Another highly romantic sign is Libra—the scales of justice! Libras tend to be quite balanced individuals who strive for harmony in all areas of life including relationships; they’re not afraid express themselves with words or gestures like flowers or chocolates as tokens appreciation towards their partners. Because Libras have such strong social skills, they know just how important communication can be when it comes expressing one's feelings toward another person so don't hesitate if you're looking for a sweetheart with whom you can share your deepest thoughts without fear judgement or criticism from anyone else but yourself! Libra zodiac is the natural seventh zodiac
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sign in the horoscope whose ruler is planet Venus. As we all know this particular planet is the main reason for everything that has anything to do with romance, love, sex, marriage and partnerships. Awareness about sex comes at very early age to people born under this zodiac sign and girls or boys become active sexually at very early age. When it comes to love, kissing, romance or sex they always find it difficult to say no to the partner. Being an airy sign of the rashi, Librans seek mental connection and that of heart before they get physical with someone. They love to make an eye contact, giggle, soft touches, romantic text messages, love songs to be played out to get them in mood before they make love to you. Libras are peace loving species and want gentle approach towards love as to them love is an art that needs to be learnt slowly in most romantic environments conducive to love making. Lower back and buttocks are their hot spots where they get aroused the most.

Being in bed with Libra girlfriend or boyfriend involves lots of romance, soothing massages, intimate touches, passionate touches and ultimate climax in the end. Libra men and women have their own unique sex appeal, sweet in nature and girls giggle a lot, requires lots of stroking, hugs, caressing and care to be felt loved.

Know The Secrets Of Dating A Libra Zodiac Man

Aries Zodiac Men and Women in Sensuality and Romance 

Aries zodiac is the first zodiac sign in the birth charts and is ruled by hot planet of Mars. People born under this rashi are hot, passionate, fiery, intense and fond of quickies and sassy and rough sex with their partners. Being bold and fearless they don't mind making love at any place if they are charged with their raging hormones. They are impatient species and can be wild in bed raising the temperature and wont spend too much of time in foreplay with their partners. They will also go to extremes with their spouse and lover in matters of love and sex wont mind using toys, new postures and techniques for enhancing their bed pleasure to maximum.

Author : Vedic astrologer Shri Rohit Anand.

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