Zodiac Signs Who Make Best Friends & Are Good For Mental Health and Happiness

Best Zodiac Signs in Vedic Astrology that can be Good and Loyal Friends to you

Having good friends plays an important part in our life as right ones bring joy, love, happiness in our lives and help us at the times of need. They can be continuous source of  compassion, kindless, selfless love and provide us with comfort and right guidance when we need someone to show us the correct path and direct us towards our goals and take us out at times of adversity and when we are feeling depressed or low in our lives. Most of us struggle to find good friends as most are selfish and love you only in times they need you and then avoid or forget you when you need them. Using Hindu astrology as a guiding light, it's clear that you need to treasure, value and appreciate your best friends. Though Not everyone is lucky enough to have one in lifetime or for lifelong. But astrology can help you identify who some of your friends will behave with you, whether they will be loyal and selfless and true friend to you or not. Everyone wants to know which zodiac signs makes good friends? Here are some of the best zodiac signs we have identified that can be real friends and trustworthy too and are kind hearted and loving.

Zodiac Signs Who Make Best Friends & Are Good For Mental Health and Happiness

Leo Zodiac Friends : 

Leo Born men and women are loyal, compassionate, show much warmth when you have built the respect and trust with them. They are protective, passionate about you and will always save your back and will never hear someone bitching about you. As a friend you will never have a boring moments with then as they can take you on adventure trips and treat you in lovingly with much kindness and even hosting with good dinner in their own house or a royal hotel. Leos and Aquarius are great match for each other as friendship. Though Leo and Aquarius are opposite in zodiac birth charts still Aquarius can provide insights into many things which can fuel the energy of Leo born guys and girls.

Aries Zodiac Friends :

Aries born guys and girls are good to have as friends as they are quite passionate, protective, loving, kind, bold and courageous enough to help you out in your troubles and fiercely protective when they are close friendship with you and you are their close buddy. They will stay with you in your bad times and worst situations and ready to be with you and even go to extreme ways to show their loyalty and love towards you. Fiery Aries can be good friend to Airy and romantic flirty Libra or even Fiery Leo if they keep their Egos and jealousy in check and agree on issues that who will be on the spotlight. Aries and Leo are both bold, ambitious and courageous signs and can achieve anything under the sun when they combine their energies and help each other.

Gemini Zodiac Friends : 

These playful Gemini zodiac girls and boys will always cheer you, keep you in good humor and are fun to have around. They are easy going, social butterflies, party beings, charming, flirty, intelligent and intellectual. Being flexible and adjustable they love to communicate and chatter with friends any place anytime. They can give you good company in parties, clubs and adventure trips. They are curious beings, always will to know and share with you their and your personals secrets. Gemini and Aries can be best friends with curiosity and fun together with this dynamic duo. Libra zodiac and Gemini can also be good friends as both are intelligent and intellectual signs and connect well on mental level. ASK a Question About Your Horoscope

Libra Zodiac Friends :

Libra born men and women are born romantic, loving, sensual, flirty, optimistic, diplomatic, clever and intelligent beings. They can be your best friends if you are romantic too and enjoy shopping, art, creative, like music and dancing. They can be good company to you and especially when you want to have fun, watch a movie or do shopping with a eye for beauty. They can be there for you when you need someone to share, talk, seek guidance and be compassionate. They can be of immense help as they are intelligent and kind hearted and if their Venus is good then relationship flourishes. Librans can be good friends to make with zodiac signs of Aquarius, Aries and Gemini. They can converse and chat all night, sharing their opinions, logical view points and carry on with their intelligent conversations on varied topics.

Best Zodiac Signs in Vedic Astrology that can be Good and Loyal Friends to you

Pisces Zodiac Friends

Pisces born male and females are not easy to make best friends unless you have element of spirituality, religion, honesty, sensitivity towards them. They can be best friends when they find you that you can understand them, patient, loving, spiritual and wont take advantage of them. So if you are seeking friendship for someone who is spiritual, religious, kind hearted, compassionate, mystical and have interest in occult, astrology, tarot and other esoteric things that needs collective exploration then Pisces zodiac people can be your right friend in these endeavors as they can be of immense help to you. Marriage Match Making For Compatibility

When we think about zodiac compatibility, we find that sometimes it fails because horoscope and detailed study of birth charts of two people are necessary when we are seeking serious romantic relationship and its during these times that we lean upon our best friends. Finding a right compatible loving or wise friend using insights from Vedic astrology or Tarot Card Readings is as important  as finding a romantic or life partner because friendships enrich our lives in many ways too that not even your true love can. Real friends can be a good companion to you also for life if they are kept healthy with boundaries and respect for each other or their privacy and friends being valued. There's no denying that some rashis or zodiac signs are destined to be besties or best friends with someone based on their sun sign or moon signs as per Indian astrology or jyotish. Some of the signs that are genuine include Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces and Scorpio too if their horoscopes are not afflicted with regard to friendship and compatible as per natal charts with you.

So these are some of the zodiac signs that makes good friends for lifelong if you are selfless, kind, helping and friends horoscope charts shows loyalty, trustworthiness and relationship zodiac is not afflicted by adverse planets nor are they conjunct the harsh or enemy planets. Its only then your friendship can bloom and frutify for both. 

By Vedic Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Occultist Shri Rohit Anand

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