True Love Poem : I Will Love You Forever and Deeply : By Rohit Anand

In our times True Love is hard to come across as we all seek someone special in our lives whom we can trust and grow old together in faith, devotion and sacrifice for each other in highest good for one another. Here we present to you popular True love poetry that conveys the message that you love her or him deeply and will continue to love them forever.

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I Love You Deeply Forever and Deeply
By Rohit Anand

My love for you is deep like ocean
powerful calm yet rages like sea
it will be there for you forever be.

It will overcome all the winds, storms and rains, 
upheavals, challenges and overcome every pains.

I will embrace everything with you
for you with a smile loving you.

It's because i love you deeply my dear
and our bond of love strong every bear.

Writer & Poet : Rohit Anand.

All Rights Reserved Copyright © Rohit Anand 2021 India.

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