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Short best friends quotes, best friends forever quotes, cute best friendship quote and true friendship quotes for ones who cherish this beautiful relationship. By Rohit Anand @ My Love Bytes.

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Huge collection of some of the best quotes on friends, true friendship sayings, real friends quotations for those who value and cherish this beautiful relationship. These cute friendship quotes are straight from the heart and will surly make you express your feelings and emotions to your friend.

Best friends are the ones that can make you laugh when you probably thought you will never smile again.

Friends are like stars, they come and go but its the best friends that stay in your horizon and glow.

Real friendship is tested when they come to your house and watch a movie and take a nap together.

True friends are the ones that like your weirdness and still accept you.

A good friend is like a lucky clover, hard to find in life that bring you best of luck.

A true friend is the one who can see the pain through your eyes while others just the smile on your face.

In this life many people will walk in and out of your life but its only the real friends that leave the footprints on your heart and soul.

You can achieve anything in life when there are right people in your life, like your best friends.

True friends are part of family that you choose on planet Earth with your own free will.

Only those who are real friends, care about you and can hear you silence or choose to be quiet.

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Hope you likes these best friends quotes as these short friendships quotes are straight from the heart and can make your friends cry with emotions and feelings that you have for him or her. These true friends forever sayings and quotes are deeper expression of love bond that friends share with each other.