Inspiring Friendship Love Poetry : You are Far Yet Close To My Soul

Friendship Love Poem : You are Far Yet Close To My Soul.
By Rohit Anand. @ My Love Bytes.

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Since my life and Sojourn on this Earth
My soul craved for deep connection & Someone to hold
To Share With Someone my Whole and someone to behold.

On whose chest i could rest and be at peace
Where i could leave all troubles to be at ease.

The solitude of my dark nights, my heart concealed,
Deep scarred emotions were so fully restrained,
Thus did I hid them behind a self-made shield. 

My heart was all alone in this noisy world, waiting to be heard
Knows not the beauty, rainbows nor the songs of singing birds.

A heart all alone, searching for its companion or a mate
It knows how to wait, tired but trusts the fate.

Through all the Darkness appeared a Light,
It was from far, yet it appeared so bright.

Lady from far appeared on Horizon who was was sweet,
Open , feminine, Of understanding nature and kind
that made me happy and made me confide my mind.

The best kinds of friends and companions are warm and kind,
They are always there for you and they never seem to mind.

The best kinds of Friends you Encounter are scarred souls,
hurt but they choose to wear a  smile, love and Embrace,
They support you with all the strength, heal you with a Grace.

I wonder sometimes What made You my closest friend
which i find it sometimes difficult to comprehend.

We seem to have known each other in some season
Closeness, empathy, honesty and trust being the reason.

But i pay my respects and gratitude to you
that i would always thank god i found you.

💖By Rohit Anand.💖

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