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Best love messages for Whatsapp, romantic status update for whatsapp and cute love sayings for her and him on whatsapp or Facebook. - By Rohit Anand at My Love Bytes.

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Do you love someone and looking for ways and means of mkaing them smile, happy and loved. Well now a days we have many social media platforms to express our feelings and emotions for someone we love and "Whatsapp" is one of them besides numerous others. Here we are giving some interesting Whatsapp status update messages and sayings for your lover that she or he give a cute smile when she reads your short Whatsapp messages and status updates on her mobile phone. We have give here some of the best and famous Whatsapp status update one liners which you can choose according to your mood or that of your partner at any time of the day.

 Love Whatsapp status messages for her :

💓 Love is the cure for the heart that gives it and for person who receives it.

💓 My dear, your cute smile is my shield against the battles of life.

💓 Love is not that much complicated, people make it so with their expectations and lies.

💓 If kissing is the language of love then we have lot to talk about, dear.

💓 Hope any father would have also come to me with a checkbook and told me to fill the check and get out of my daughter's life. I miss such daddy.

💓 Now a days we find people becoming admin on whatsapp, same people use to become a cock and behaved like toad in the school.

💓 Sometimes some girls are so beautiful that i reject myself within myself.

💓 My love not for one with pimple one, its neither for dimple one, its for the simple one. Got it.

💓 My girlfriend is just like latest Iphone model which has not been launched yet. Just get previews.

💓 You know i had lots of breakup with my dear wine bottle. But she reconcile with me every time.

💓 The day you pray for my long life, wonder why is that i find the cigarettes and my bottle broken.

💓 Everyone now a days ask me " What do i do'? They don't seem to have fallen in love, Loving itself keep you busy in morning and night and sometime overtime.

💓 Every time you searched me for anything suspicious, did you find anything else other than beating heart for you.

💓 Don't give me your teasers at night, i find it difficult to sleep my dear.

💓 If life is RUDE, never mind i am also a DUDE.

💓 you know dear we live in the ear of SMARTPHONES and STUPID people.

💓 I really admire god, he is really creative and talented, when i see all that in you.

 Love Whatsapp status messages for him :

💓 In the middle of life love enters and makes it a fairy tale. Which last for a while.

💓 Love is just a word, unless someone special give it a meaning with expression.

💓 Love is a game, if both play fairly, both can be winners in the end.

💓 Good things come those who can wait.

💓 Love is not about looking at each other always. Its more about looking at same direction.

💓 My heart beats increases with increase intake of love given by you.

💓 I choose to make rest of my life, the best of my life with you.

💓 Smile for a while.

💓 Dreams don't work unless you do, so work upon me so that i can dream about you.

💓 Journey of thousand miles begin with single step. I have taken that step, now its your turn to take the rest of the steps.

💓  My heart beats only for you because i love you.

💓 I sent you couple of hugs in my thoughts and Good Morning my sweetheart.

💓 If god is love i see my LOVE status first think in the morning.

💓 Thinking of you and not missing you can't happen.

💓  Have a lovely day with this sweet kiss to kickstart with.

💓 Happy Loveintime day. Good Morning my cutie.

💓 Our love is the message to world. Make it inspiring for budding lovers.

Hope you have liked these sweet Whatsapp love messages collection. These romantic and love sayings can be sent to your girlfriend, boyfriend and lover who has got a special place in your life and heart. These sweet love whatsapp sayings with emoticons will surely britng smile on the face of your beloved.

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