Valentine Day Love Quotes Best Romantic Valentine Sayings For Loved Ones

Best Valentine Day love quotes for lovers, Cute romantic Valentine sayings for lovers and happy propose day for him or her. @ My Love Bytes by Rohit Anand.

These beautiful short Valentine love quotes for friends, husband, wife, friends, family members will make them feel special and loved on the special day of 14th of February.

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💖 On this special day i just want to say that to love and be loved is the only joy and happiness in my life. You are the reason for love in my life and loving myself more. Wishes on this Valentine day.

💖 Would you like to grow old with me, as there is more best to come from me.

💖  All you need in life is love but little chocolate with it make it more life more sweet and tasty.

💖 I know baby money cannot buy love, but it does improves the prospects of  attracting beautiful partner.

💖 Love was never about looking at each other's face but looking at same direction in life. Happy Valentine day my dear.

💖 Love also includes tolerating each others stupidity together .

💖 Love is a condition in which the happiness of others is equally important to your own.

💖 A friend is one who is there for you and heart is always fond of. Happy Valentine day.

💖 Love is not about the number of days we have been together but its about times we have spent upon loving each other.

💖 My love for you is precious that cannot be traded for all the riches of the heaven my dear.

💖 My love for you is like a life journey that started from forever and will end never.

💖 My dear love, i seemed to have loved you always in numberless ways and in numberless forms.

💖 I promise on this Valentine day to treat you like a king/Queen to reign over my kingdom of heart.

💖 You are the reason that i see the mirror and smile thinking about you.

💖 In my home, i am the boss but my wife is the decision maker.

💖 Oh my dear, its your smile that just put my heart on fire.

💖 I must admit on this Valentine day that on the very first day you stole my heart & i won't complain.

💖 My heart would keep beating because i know its in safe within you.

💖 Though Pizza is my dear Valentine but you are also my favorite too after it.

💖 You know something. i love the thought of loving you always. Happy Valentine day.

💖 On this Valentine day i an gifting these Sweets and Hearts because you are my Sweetheart.

💖 Its your love and care , what it has made me today. Happy Valentine day my love.

💖 The angel smile on your lips, soft loving touch of your hands, and the little caring ways in which you make me happy is what keeps me alive every day, my love. Love you!

💖 My gratitude to you my love for loving me selflessly and giving me freedom to be what we are meant to be.

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