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Only people in love can understand, how it feels when someone you love so much is miles away and you wish that there were here with you on special days or when you are missing them so much. Initially some people might find long distance relationship or being separated in early marriage quite difficult to manage but real test of love, loyalty and realizing the worth of the person is also to be known in these moments. Inspirational long distance love quotes and sayings becomes essential when we need courage, patience and to stay put in hours of test when lovers are apart. Here are some beautiful long distance romantic love quotes for those who are in a love relationship and undergoing the pangs of being separated from each other.

💕 My beloved, they say that absence makes love grow fonder with times. You are becoming priceless for me.
💕 Our Relationship is worthy of every mile between us, my dear.
💕 Physical distance between us gives us a opportunity to love each other harder than before.
💕 I Love you yesterday, I love you still, i always have and i always will! Sweetheart.
💕 I wish my dear, i could teleport to you at this moment.
💕 Distance never separates two hearts that really cares.
💕 We won;t be separated forever my dear, so let's stay strong together.
💕 Distance seems unreal when love is real.
💕 Everyday when i get up, my first thought is always you my love.
💕 One special day, my plane ticket will be just one way.
💕 Distance means nothing to those truly in love when someone is everything.
💕 My love for you will travel far, as it has no limits and nothing to stop it from reaching out to you.
💕 Even though we are long distance apart, still i can feel your scent, warmth and precious smile.
💕 No i am not single, i am in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.

💕 Closeness of two people has got nothing to do with distance.
💕 Today, i remember you so much, wish i could copy paste you on my bed.
💕 I will hold you in my heart till i can hold you in my loving arms.
💕 Don't measure the distance, see if you can measure my love.
💕 I wish i was kissing you now and not missing you my dear.
💕 We will beat this distance between us with our loving hearts. I promise you.
💕 One day, i will wake up with you every single morning and kiss you good morning.
💕 Distance doesn't ruin a relationship but suspicion and doubts do.
💕 We are one day closer and one day stronger. We will be one soon.
💕 Even if there is distance between where we live, there is closeness between us in love.
💕 Thinking of you and counting days, till we meet again. My love.
💕 You are without a doubt my other half, i know we will be one soon.
💕 Stop being so cute. you live so far away .
💕 True love doesn't means in separable. It means even if there is physical separation, nothing changes between loving hearts.
💕 In True love smallest distance seems to great and great distances are covered in minutes as time flies.
💕 Distance between lovers is just the test from nature to see how patient and how far love can travel.
💕 I will cross the oceans and might seas, my love shall overcome.

💕 It doesn't matter where i am, what matters is i am still yours baby.
💕 I like the way you make me feel if though you are not near, my heart.
💕 One day, we will never has to say good bye.
💕 Dear, remember this we are a perfect couple not in a perfect situation.
💕 When two hearts are meant for each other, nothing among them keep them apart.
💕 We will survive through this distance by friend, don't worry we will meet in the end.
💕 I Miss you, I Miss you and I will miss you a lot.
💕 It has been a saying my dear, love knows not its depth till the hours of separation.
💕 You will continue to be my inspiration in my life my love. I will wait for you till eternity.
💕 True love is timeless, nothing can decay my love for you, its limitless and it shall overcome.
💕 I cherish the moments we spent together and wait when you restore those moments with your presence.
💕 My love , you are the one who has been inspirational person in my life. It was with your support and understanding that i am where i am and what i would be with you always.

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