Experts Advise to Fix Broken Love Relationships Avoid Separation Ways to Improve Your Married Life Prevent Separation or Divorce

Experts Tips For Fixing The Broken Love Relationships Between Couples. Ways to Improve Your Married life and Prevent Separation or Divorce. By Rohit Anand @ My Love Bytes.

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We are living in times where men and women have too many expectations, desires that they want to get fulfilled at the earliest. when these expectations and desires don't find their fulfillment from each other, it results in frustrations and ultimately breakup among couples. Patience and understanding runs low and little family support also being not there can derail any relationship quickly even due to smaller misunderstandings. where Once thwarted desires, hurt, frustration, cheating, communication issues, verbal abuse, taunts, insults and insensitivity or EGO crops in any relationship, it starts to slide down and result is breakup. Once a relationship reached the breakup point its very difficult to restore its normal status or med it  unless both are willing. Majority of relationships we see now are not the partnership of best possible compatible matches that seems so at initial stages when people are trapped by mind into believing that they love other person, or the other person is perfect for fulfillment of their desires and good life. 

Fixing the broken relationships requires lot of patience, willingness, acceptance, respect, sacrifices, forgoing the EGO and great communication skills and mutual adjustments with understanding to work out things between couples. Getting back into the broken relationship though not easy, is possible if approached by both with positive ways without being toxic or undermining the issues and willingly come together with the right understanding and frame of mind to mend the relationship. Every relationship whether between married couples, friends or man and women undergo ups and down with times when they face the adversity or challenges, it is then their durability or strength of bonding and is tested as to whether they have the understanding or fortitude to overcome the pestering issues.

Understand the Root Causes for Relationship Breakup: To resolve
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the problems in any relationship between the two people is understand the reasons for the breakup. It can be anything from deep rooted habits, character or nature of a person or the smaller day to day issues creating misunderstandings. Now some of the issues can be EGO, cheating, disrespect, lack of trust, problem with in laws, trying to control other person, sexual dissatisfaction, lack of freedom in relationship, poor communication, not able to spend quality time, being possessive in relationship, jealousy, bad habits, insensitivity, lack of love and care for the partner etc takes time to recognize, self introspect and improve etc. These issues must be identified honestly by both the partners and addressed quickly so that it can be resolved mutually and taking the help of a wise person if required, who is unbiased and mature in the family or a colleague.

Forgiving Is Required as It Extends The Life Of Any Relationship:Once the issues are identified its important that one should start working upon it. We are not perfect people but must be willing to learn from mistakes and give other the time to improve upon themselves so as not co commit those mistake again. Most of the humans learn from trial and error method as they lack the wisdom and love that encompass patience and forgiveness. If you don't forgive or are intolerant of others mistakes and flaws its most likely that you will be left alone in life. If you continue to hold on to others mistake and disrespect them or taunt them they are most likely to turn against you. So if they ask for forgiveness and ready to bring improvement that is the way to move forward to mend the broken relationship between couples and avoid another showdown for same issue. But do remember forgiveness from point of once own weakness or dependency or without bringing correction will create the similar situation in life unless overcome righteously and the lessons learned. One need to be great listener and much better to understand why the other person committed such a mistake and under what circumstances, whether its embedded in his or her nature or just got swayed foolishly. Forgiveness and self correction is not easy but there is no other way, parting is easy and world is waiting to see your love story end miserably. But remember that only the brave ones are real people who can love not the fearful or cowards. If upon self introspection it is found that mistake committed by you, then be humble and accept it and be ready to change entirely to not to repeat the action and let your partner to go away forever, leaving no chance of a reunion.

Avoiding breakup marriage separation, saving love relaitonships,  marriage separation success stories  considering divorce or separation marriage,  thinking about separating from my wifeBe Ready to Renew the Commitment And Work Upon Them: Once you have forgiven each other and ready to make a fresh kick start, renew the commitment between each other and let your other half  know the new resolutions and decisions or how you are going to implement it and what help is required for you to correct it. Once you commit to be good to your partner and also to avoid mistakes, then adhere to the commitments and the other person should avoid doing things or acting in a way that triggers or bring out the worst in other person . Many partners get into commitments that are not easy to start with and with times they forget them easily after they find that they have been forgiven. Honesty and Consistency of commitments is very much required to keep the warmth of relationships ever remaining. It is rightly said that you can never change the past; but possibly the future with paying attention to the present.

Self Improvement and Loving Yourself : Its a saying that self improving person is the increasingly happy person in life. If you do that on daily basis you will be loving yourself and that love will overflow to your partner too. Lessening your expectations and developing more patience again give life to your relationship. Be more sincere and truthful and transparent in your relationship as suspicions and jealousy also destroys the relationship as we have seen this mostly where both the partners are working and other is more successful than the other.

Never Disrespect and Express Love More: Never taker your partner for granted just because you are married or are in relationship with her or him for many years. Love can be expressed in many ways, some people love in smaller ways and some like it when you appreciate them, shower them with praise, recognize their achievements and important tole in your life and that they are loved and wanted. Spend quality time together and with the family, show them that you care, listen to them more, as they are the people sent from above to make you learn and grow as human being.

Keep Enriching Each Other's Lives: Remember you are here on earth just to enjoy pleasures of life or have sex with as much partners you want for enjoyment. Real happiness and love likes catering to the happiness of others also besides contributing to the growth of your partner mentally, physically, materially and spiritually besides giving other the freedom to grow. But if your intentions, motives and attitude are selfish it will again bring misery and you will find the matters to square one. Too much of sex or lack of intimacy also destroys any relationship. Uplifting each other and oneself is the right and healthier way but just catering to other partner selfish desires always for the sake of love or saving relationship is not love at all but only make things worse in the long term. Selfishness is the root casue of majority of relationship breaking up now a days. Sensual love emanating from senses have short shelf life, but that emanating from higher vibrations last for long. By Rohit Anand. ( India's famous Vedic Astrologer, Horoscope consultant, Poet and Writer, Tarotist, Angel and Love Oracle card Reader)