Why Loving Real People Is Difficult Being Unhappy In Relationships : Know How to Be Happy Being Alone And In Love Relationship

Why it is difficult to love real people? Are You unhappy in relationship. Know why and how can you be happy being alone and in a love relationship.

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People find it difficult to love real people because a real person is not going to fulfill your expectations. He is not meant to. He is not here to fulfill anybody else's expectations. He has to live his own life. And whenever he moves somewhere which goes against you or is not in tune with your feelings, emotions, your being, it becomes difficult. It is very easy to think about love. It is very difficult to love. It is very easy to love the whole world. 

The real difficulty is to love a single human being. It is very easy to love God or humanity. The real issues or problem arises when you come across a real person and you encounter him or her in your life. To encounter him is to go through a great change and a great challenge. He is not going to be your slave and neither are you going to be a slave to him. That's where the real problem arises. If you are going to be a slave or if She or he is going to be a slave, then there is no problem. The problem arises because nobody is here to play a slave -- and nobody can be a slave. Everybody is a free agent... the whole being consists of freedom. Man or Women is freedom. So remember -- the problem is real. It has nothing to do with you personally. 

The problem has to do with the whole phenomenon of love. In the East people have escaped just seeing the difficulty in it. They started denying their love, rejecting their love. They became loveless and they called it non-attachment. By and by they became deadened. The eastern man is less anxious, less tense... almost lives in his own inner cave, protected, with eyes dosed. He does not allow his energy to move. He makes a short circuit... a small energy movement inside his being and he is happy. But his happiness is a little dead. His happiness is not a jubilation... it is not a joy. So in the East we have tried to live without love, to renounce the world -- that means to renounce love -- to renounce the woman, the man, and all possibilities where love can flower. In the West just the opposite has happened. 

People have tried to find happiness through love and they have created much trouble. They have lost all contact with themselves. They don't know where the path is, where their home is. So they feel meaningless, homeless, and they go on making more and more love efforts with this woman, with that man -- heterosexual, homosexual, autosexual or gays and lesbians. They go on trying every way and again they feel empty, because love alone can give you happiness but there will not be any silence in it. And when there is happiness and no silence, again something is missing. Both these ways have failed. The East has failed because it tried meditation without love. The West has failed because it tried love without meditation. 

My whole effort is to give you a synthesis, the whole -- which means meditation plus love. One should be able to be happy alone and one should also be able to be happy with people. One should be happy inside and one should also be happy in relationships. One should make a beautiful house inside and outside too. You should have a beautiful garden surrounding your house and a beautiful bedroom too. The garden is not against the bedroom; the bedroom is not against the garden.

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