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Best short love quotes for girlfriend, romantic messages for her, one liner love sayings for women in your life and i love you messages for your dearest friend.

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Love is beautiful as it beautifies everything it touches in life. If you have a girlfriend surely you would like to convey your heart felt feelings and moments of love to her. Knowing this we are providing you some of the best love messages and quotes that your girlfriend is surely going to cherish.

If i did anything right in my life it was when i heart to you.

Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite because its unique.

Anyone can catch your eye but its take someone special to catch your heart. You are that special one.

I want to be your favorite hello and hardest goodbye.

And in her smile i see something more glittering than stars.

When i have you in my life, i have got everything in my life.

No matter what i say and what i do. There is not a single moment i don't think of you. Miss You!

Happiness is defined in my life with the sweet moment spent with you.

Love is not how many times you say 'I Love You' , but how man time you prove it is true.

I did not chose you but it was my heart that too that decision.

Real love is not about teddy bears, candle light dinners, beach walks and long drives. Its more about honesty, trust, respect, care and enriching each others life.

I want to be naughty with you to the rest of your life. 

Never leave someone who touches your soul more than your body.

Your eyes are so deep and blue, i find love for me in them so true. thank you for loving me.

I just want to flow on your body like the waters of your showers.

I miss my girlfriend! because she is my freshener with a loving kiss.

Regardless of life's ups and downs. you are my sunshine that wipes my frowns.

I am much more of me when i am with you, my dear.

You are so cute. Can i keep you! 

Shut Up! I think you are gorgeous.

A smile of my girlfriend is the best makeup she can wear for me.

Roses are read violets are blue. I can never love someone the way i love you.

Calling me cute is nice, calling me hot is great but calling me yours is what i admire the most.

Wise ones always told to save water. So i advice you to take showers with me.

Your loving arms around me gives me feeling of home. Otherwise i am homesick.

If kisses were snowflakes i would have sent you a blizzard.

You are worth every mile between us as i can cross mile for your smile.

I can't wait to kiss you as i have already started to miss you.

I always sleep peacefully and happily when you are by my side.

An "Ex" girlfriend is an example for a reason. You Should not do those wrong to another, in any season.

Just remember dear when you are ignoring me you are teaching me to live without you.

Goodnight baby. Love you so much ! would wait tomorrow for my 'Midas touch'.

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