Long Distance Love Poetry Dreaming And Waiting For Love : Far Away Lovers Poem By Rohit Anand India

 Long Distance Love Poetry 

đź’–Dreaming And Waiting For Loveđź’—
By Rohit Anand 

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Though we are separated by mortal bodies in time
But my heart beats for you and yours for mine.

From far i feel you in my dreams,
Wake up with smile, as to how real it seems.

I can feel your warmth at my side
love in my heart moves to my eyes.

Your presence near me overcoming the distance
As i cant imagine my life without your existence.

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I feel like passionately kissing you
Its because i am really missing you.

You aren't here to comfort me,
But soon I hope you will surely be.

I cherish every moment we spent together as we wait
i long for us to unite in love as being soulmate. 

Even though for the moment we are miles apart
But my love you were never away from my heart.

Everyday i wait for you to hold me in your arms
To keep me close forever and keep me warm.

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© Copyright Love poetry, Distant lovers romantic poems, Long distance poems.
By Rohit Anand, New Delhi, India.

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