Best Friend Poetry : Our True Friendship Poems For Real Friends By Poet Rohit Anand New Delhi India

True friends are emphatic and selfless in nature and grounded. They take care of you having good understanding of you and always empower you to be a better human being in life. Real friend are always there for you when you need them the most and have a profound influence upon you for your well being. Here is present to you my feelings and understanding of a true friendship in form of a poetry.

Our True Friendship

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You are my best friend i want to say,
With all my heart these feelings i want to convey.

It is the special bond of trust, honesty and care,
for each other that we love to share.

You were there when there were moments sadness,
To cheer me always with your crazy madness.

When i was feeling down and thought i could not survive,
You were the one that brought the best in me and made me alive.

When everyone left me with scars, hurt and in pain,
You appeared as healing angel that my life was precious and not in vain.

I cherish the memories you gave me being us together,
It will be like treasure to me that cannot wither.

Your friendship always made me feel in this special way,
It's been there from the beginning, so I just wanted to say.

If you even need anything in life anytime day or night,
i assure you i will do my best for you and make it right.

i hope i can do all those wonderful things you have done for me
Because this is what true friendship is supposed to be.

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 © Copyright True Friendship Poetry by Rohit Anand.

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