Love One Liner Quotes for Him and Her :Lovers Sayings & EXpression Of Love by Rohit Anand New Delhi India

Here are some of the best one line love quotes for people in love. Use these quotes freely to spread love, express love and to be i love with someone you love the most. : By Rohit Anand

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" My Love for you is a passionate journey that starts with no ending".
" The First time you touched me, i knew that i was born to be in union with you".
" When the angels will ask me, what is that i loved the most on my sojourn on earth, i will say you"
" I still fall for you everyday, believe me dear".
" Just close your eyes and i will be kissing you and i know i will be missing you".
" I must admit i came to about love only after loving you".
" The heart that loves never grow old, my dear".
" Come my dear : you are free to love in my heart without paying any rent".
" I love my life because it game me you and i love you because you are in my life dear".
" In her smile i see the most beautiful feelings and expression of love:.
" When i start to miss you, i close my eyes to feel you and see your presence".
" Love  is the potion to heal for the one who give and the one who receives".
" Your cute smile is all i need today to overcome my struggles in my life".
" I never want to wake up my dear whenever i am in your loving arms".
" Every love story is beautiful and unique but ours is my favorite".
" Our relationship was meant to be. Written in stars and drawn into our destiny".
" I need to you my life like a heart that needs a beat".
" Your love is all that i need in my life to make me feel complete".
" Whenever i look into your eyes, i feel i found my soulmate".
" Whenever you blush looking at me, oh god i just feel like mooching those lips".
" You know something i cannot say you good by unless i have kissed you".
" Everyday i get up i need to taste your lips to start with a delightful day".
" Love doesn't mean no fights, it means we fight a little and makeup loving more".
" If fell in love with you, the way you touched me without using your hands".

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