Cute Love Quotes From The Heart For Lovers : Love Sayings Romantic Texts to express love by Rohit Anand

Cute love quotes from the heart for lovers, romantic messages and love sayings by Rohit Anand New Delhi, India.

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" O love you are the only source of joy and happiness in my life ".
" I don't need paradise when i am in the heavenly bliss of your presence ".
" Before i sleep you are the last thought on my mind and the first when i get up ".
" I am thankful to you to be my rainbow in the storms of my life ".
" I am living, its all because of you my love. You feed my soul ".
" I thank you and god for giving me you. The love of my life" .
" I am thankful to you to make me feel the most beautiful women in the world " .
" If there is anything i did right in my life, it was when i gave my heart to you " .
" I just need to thank you for being a reason for me to look forward for a happy day tomorrow " .
" You know something! you are my spark in my dark " .
" Forget the butterflies, i feel the whole zoo when i am with you ".
" Together is the most wonderful place to be, in our own small world " .
" Since you have been around, i am being told , i have been smiling a lot now a day without explanations".
" One look, One word, One kiss, One text, One smile and One all means so much when it is from the right person" .
" You have such deep blue eyes where i would love to swim and drown".
" You taught me how to love but how to stop loving you " .
" Love doesn't to be perfect but it surely needs to be true " .
" My best taste and flavor was chocolate until you came into my life" .
" Loving you is like breathing, i cannot stop loving you " .
" You are the ray of sunshine in hours of my darkness " .
" I just need someone, who doesn't give up on me no matter what " .

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