Supermodel Rosie Huntington Zodiac Horoscope Birth Charts Love Marriage

Supermodel Rosie Huntington Zodiac Horoscope, Birth Charts, Love  Life, Marriage and Career in modelling : Astrological Analysis by Top Celebrity Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand. Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley is an English model, designer, businesswomen and a beautiful actress. She was born in April in the year 1987 under the Sunsign of Aries zodiac. She is popularly known for her work for women clothing and lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret, formerly being one of their brand "Angels". She became a successful model at a very young age of 16yrs.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington Birth Charts, Zodiac Horoscope Birth Charts Love Marriage

Rosie Huntington Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Vedic Astrology Star Sign, Kundli & Horoscope Analysis

Name : Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley.

Gender : Female.

Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual.

Birthday or Date of Birth : 18 April 1987.

Time of birth : 2: 00 PM Approx.

City, State, Country :  Plymouth, UK . Coordinates are : 50.376289, and the longitude is -4.143841. 

Zodiac Sun Sign : Aries.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Prabhava - Chaitra. Tithi:         Krishna Panchami (Ju) (14.63% left)

Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa). Nakshatra:     Moola (Ke) (80.84% left)

Yoga:          Parigha (Sa) (48.52% left). Karana:        Taitula (Me) (29.26% left)

Hora Lord:     Saturn (5 min sign: Vi). Mahakala Hora: Moon (5 min sign: Ar)

Kaala Lord:    Mars (Mahakala: Mars)

Height: 1.75 m

Children: Isabella James Statham, Jack Oscar Statham

Awards: Glamour Editor's Award

Parents: Charles Andrew Huntington-Whiteley, Fiona Huntington-Whiteley

Her mother was employed as a fitness instructor and her father was worked as a chartered surveyor. It is claimed that Huntington-Whitley family are members of royal heritage related to 1st Baronet Sir Herbert Huntington-Whitley which was founded on 8 Feb 1918.

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Rosie Huntington Career Astrology : Education, Profession, Modelling, Networth, Wealth, Name & Fame

Education : Studied at Tavistock College

In the year 2006 at the age of 18 yrs, Rosie  Huntington signed with Victoria’s Secret, and has since featured in numerous high profile events, modelling campaigns and shoots. Then in 2011, she got her first role as an actress as Carly Spencer in ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, and in 2015 she starred as The Splendid Angharad in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’.

Her exalted Sun is in the Aries in the 10th house of profession and its dispositor is in the 11th house give her much name, fame, wealth, money, recognition, awards and popularity or success in her career as model.

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Rosie Huntington Love Horoscope : Dating, Relationships, Husband Marriage, Divorce.

Husband or Partner: Jason Statham 2022.

Dated or Relationships : Tyrone 2006, Rosie and Olivier became an official couple in 2009, 

Rosie has admitted in an interview that she never had a high school sweetheart or a crush. If we man any analysis of her horoscope birth charts we find that her 7th lord and Retrograde Saturn is in the 5th house in Scorpio giving an indication that her partner will be of much higher age than her. Now planet Saturn or shani is aspected by its own lord Mars. This shows that not everything is fine between the couple. she might have occasional issues, heated arguments and issues in her married life too.

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Vimsottari Dasa, Maha Dasas in Kundli:

 Ket: 1985-12-17 (5:47:30 am) - 1992-12-17 (12:53:10 am)

 Ven: 1992-12-17 (12:53:10 am) - 2012-12-17 (3:54:26 am)

 Sun: 2012-12-17 (3:54:26 am) - 2018-12-17 (4:50:08 pm)

 Moon: 2018-12-17 (4:50:08 pm) - 2028-12-17 (6:19:58 am)

 Mars: 2028-12-17 (6:19:58 am) - 2035-12-18 (1:36:26 am)

 Rah: 2035-12-18 (1:36:26 am) - 2053-12-17 (4:11:55 pm)

 Jup: 2053-12-17 (4:11:55 pm) - 2069-12-17 (6:46:42 pm)

 Sat: 2069-12-17 (6:46:42 pm) - 2088-12-17 (3:35:36 pm)

 Merc: 2088-12-17 (3:35:36 pm) - 2105-12-19 (12:18:57 am)

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