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My Love Bytes brings to you some of the best friendship poetry which have become popular in friendship circles. These friendship poetry remind us that best friends are special souls in our lives, people we care about, have affection and love for them. They are the ones who are closer to heart as they proved with their support that they are always there with you thick and thin, up & down fun and happiness. Now is the time to express them with a warm, loving and fond friendship poem for boyfriend, girlfriend or close friend.Friendship is a special bond between two individuals, and poetry can be a great way to express the feelings of friendship. Famous poems about friendship often capture the essence of what it means to have a loyal and supportive friend in life. Short friendship poems for best friends are particularly meaningful as they are able to convey powerful emotions in just few words. 

One famous poem that celebrates true friendships is Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” which speaks of how having someone by your side when making difficult decisions helps make them easier. This poem also speaks about how our lives would be different without such strong relationships with others: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—/I took the one less traveled by,/And that has made all the difference." It highlights how important it is for us to have support from those closest to us when we face tough choices or times ahead on our journey through life. 

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Friends who are in strong bond with us are loyal are always there to make you laugh, uplift your spirits when you are down. They are not afraid to help you, guide you to avoid mistakes and they look out for your best way forward in life. This kind of friends can be hard to find in lifetime, but they offer a beautiful friendship that will last a lifetime, be assured of that. We present here Friendship poems that you can send to your lovely friends whether male or female, guys or gals, irrespective of gender and let them know how special they are to you in special ways. Hope you will like this short friendship poem that will make your real friend happier and bring smiles on their face.

Special Moments With Best Friend

By Rohit Anand 

( Writer Poet & Guitarist)

Famous Poetry For Friend, Short Friendship Poems For Best Friends

When You Are Happy & Smile

I Get A Reason to Cheer

All The Special Moments So Rear

You Are Special as You Listen & You Care

When I Am In Mood Swings And Frown 

 I Cry, Feel Low But I Find You There

Its You Who Always Console Me,

Love Me,  Hold Me and Uplift Me

We Laugh, Have Fun, Get Crazy & Always Share

Whatever Life Has To Offer You Always Support Me

Through All Thick and Thin, Up And Down

Like A Good Friend You Are Always Around

All The Things My Dear With You

Life Is so Meaningful and Beautiful With You

My Dear Friend, you are Truly Wonderful

This is The Reason you Special to Me and I Love You

By Rohit

Poet and Astrologer

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Another short but beautiful poem that conveys love between friends comes from Emily Dickinson's "A Friend Is One Of The Nicest Things". In this piece she expresses her gratitude towards her inner circle saying: "A friend - so much more than gold / A blessing never bought nor sold / A treasure found not far away / But close enough within each day". These lines remind us just how valuable good friends can be throughout our lives; sometimes even more precious than tangible items like money or possessions!

In conclusion, there are many famous poems out there dedicated solely towards expressing appreciation for true friendships; both long ones full of detail as well as shorter pieces with deep meaning behind their words . Whether you need something sweet yet simple or an elaborate work filled with vivid imagery , these works will surely provide comfort during hard times while celebrating joyous moments shared together !

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