Christina Aguilera Zodiac Horoscope Birth Charts Analysis in Vedic Astrology

Christina Aguilera Zodiac Horoscope Birth Charts Analysis in Vedic Astrology

Christina María Aguilera is a American singer, songwriter and famous television personality who has won Grammy awards, Latin Grammy award and Hollywood Walk of Fame for her works and performances.You have been born in the third pada of Bharani nakshatra. Therefore, your birth rashi is Aries and the lord of the rashi is Mars.A woman born under the Bharani nakshatra may establish her leadership and contracts in the female society.She will be full of humanitarian qualities, will be liberal hearted, full of tender feelings, well wisher of people and will have a progressive nature. She will be firm and honest towards her goals. She will have a firm desire and a determined view about everything. The person will be recognized for her revolutionary ideas, liberal traits and a desire to benefit the common man. It will be very difficult to know her state of mind, even if one knows her for a long time and even her friends will be unable to know her very well. She will be philosophically minded, serious natured and soft hearted. She will be intelligent and will have a sharp memory.💓 Christina Aguilera Wallpapers

Christina Aguilera Zodiac Sign, Birthday, Horoscope Birth Charts Analysis in Vedic Astrology
Her mind will be sharp and logical and she will believe in resolving disputes through arguments. She will be interested in solitude, meditation and worship. She will meet everyone with politeness, praise their qualities but be critical of them behind their back. She will give importance to secrecy - what is in her mind, what she thinks, what she does, nobody can know easily. Her specialty is hiding and executing plans. She will not be short tempered but if engaged, she will be very aggressive in speech.She will be bold and courageous. Her weakness will be wavering thoughts, impatience, unbridled anger. Ask a Question about Your Horoscope

Christina Aguilera Astro Profile : Age, Date of Birth, Janam Kundali, Horoscope Birth Charts

Name : Christina María Aguilera.
Born: 18 December 1980 , Staten Island, New York, United States.
Ascendant : Aquarius.
Rashi : Aries.
Lunar Yr-Mo:   Raudra - Margasira. Tithi:  Sukla Dwadasi (Me) (51.35% left)
Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Ju)
Nakshatra:     Bharani (Ve) (41.23% left)
Yoga:  Siva (Me) (16.25% left), Karana:        Bava (Su) (2.69% left)
Hora Lord:  Venus (5 min sign: Aq), Mahakala Hora: Mercury (5 min sign: Ge)
Kaala Lord:   Saturn (Mahakala: Saturn)

 A person born under Aries rashi will have a mediocre height, will move around energetically and the eyes will have a sharp and aggressive look. The knee and its lower part will be weak. The person will not tolerate anybody's subordination and will always take the lead in her work and take independent decisions. She will be strong willed, endowed with qualities of leadership, will be enterprising and ambitious. She will be hurried by nature and will lack patience. She will always be keen to give advise and will always make efforts to impress anyone who may come in contact with him. She will be lively and energetic and firm in her belief. She will be capable of making plans and running organizations.

Family & Children : Christina is the daughter of musician Shelly Loraine Kearns and United States Army soldier Fausto Xavier Aguilera. Her Children name are Max Liron Bratman, Summer Rain Rutler. Celebrity Wallpapers Free Download

Aguilera has stated that her father was physically and emotionally abusive to her.To cope with her turbulent childhood life, she used music as a form of escape. If we see her 10th lord and Sun representing father are afflicted and its dispositor in the 8th house with planet Saturn.

Christina Aguilera Love Horoscope : Love Relationships, Boyfriends, Marriage

Spouse: Jordan Bratman (m. 2005–2011) Funny Love Quotes for Husband & Wife

Partner: Matthew Rutler (2010–)

Her horoscope chart reveals that she is very sexual person with lot of passion, fire and energy. Reasons for divorce is her 7th lord of relationships is afflicted with Sun. Her Planet Jupiter is in the 8th house afflicted with Saturn who is the lord of 12th house. Her Venus who is the lord of love and marriage is afflicted with Debilitated Mercury and is the lord of 8th house again. In her D9 charts of Navamsa her lagna lord Venus is in the 12th house in Virgo , weak and debilitated. Its also aspected by 6th lord Jupiter from the Eight house. Aguilera sexual orientation is bisexual and she was honored by GLAAD for using gay along with transgender images in her video song “Beautiful” and has spoken out against Prop 8 and supported other LGBT causes.

Christina Aguilera Astro Profile : Age, Date of Birth, Janam Kundali, Horoscope Birth Charts

Christina Aguilera Career Astrology : Profession, Name, Fame and Success

Albums: Stripped, Burlesque, Bionic, Back to Basics, Mi Reflejo, Mi Reflejo and My Kind of Christmas, were released in September and October 2000 and this was under Moon Saturn Mahadasha. If we study her D10 charts, we find that Moon is in her 10th house of Scorpio and Saturn is the lord of 9th house of luck and progression.

As a child, Aguilera was drawn to soul and blues records her grandmother use to bring her when she lived with her and then she would practice singing, which earned her a reputation as "the little girl with the big voice" in her neighborhood. She aspired to be a singer, and won her first talent show at age eight, which was under the Planet Venus mahadasha, this was with a rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me).She was much inspired by works of such classic blues and soul singers as Otis Redding, Millie Jackson, and Nina Simone during the recording sessions of her songs. In Mars and Mercury dasa, Christina Aguilera released a greatest hits album titled Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits exclusively through Target in Nov 2008, in the USA.

Her horoscope birth charts reveals that she will be skilled at getting her work done through others. She will be impersonal in her working. She will have a special and wonderful workstyle.

Characteristics to be corrected - Cultivate activity and promptness, avoid solitude, anxiety, gloom, pessimism and one should not be very rigid towards those whom one dislikes. 

The authority of the Bharani nakshatra is over the head and the circle of the head. When this nakshatra is afflicted by inauspicious grahas in the horoscope or gochar, there is a fear of mental or internal diseases and injury on the head and forehead.Remedy Yamaraj is the Lord of the Bharani nakshatra. To appease him, one should worship Lord Shiva on the day of Bharani nakshatra with incense sticks, flowers, lamp, butter, gugal, jaggery etc. Sugar, ghee (butter clarified by boiling and straining) and utensils should be donated and uncooked mixture of pulses and rice should be donated in the name of Yamaraj.

Auspicious Yoga in the Horoscope Natal charts of Christina Aguilera

Vosi   D-1   Me, Ve , Skillful, charitable and learned. Planets other than Moon in 12th from Sun
Adhi yoga ,  D-1   Me, Ju, Ve ,  Good Status,   Benefics in 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon
Kedaara            D-1   Naabhasa yoga - throughout life Happy, wealthy, helpful and may be an agriculturalist     Seven planets in 4 rasis
Chaamara   D-1   Me, Ve , Long-lived, scholarly, eloquent, learned in many arts     Two benefics in 7th, 9th and 10th
Trilochana         D-1   Su, Mo, Ma, Victorious over enemies, wealthy, intelligent, long-lived Sun, Moon and Mars in mutual konas
Yogakaraka   D-1   Ve   Success and achievements , Same planet owns a kendra and a kona
Rajayoga D-1   Ve, Me , Successful and high achievements , Conjunction, aspect or exchange of kendra/kona lords
Yogada (GL)  D-1   Mo , Power and authority, Associated with lagna and GL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership)
Yogada (HL)   D-1   Sa , Wealth and prosperity, Associated with lagna and HL (by aspect, conjunction or ownership)
Rajayoga D-1  Becomes a king , The 5th lord joins lagna lord or 9th lord in 1st/4th/10th
Rajayoga   D-1   Me, Ve   Prosperous , The 5th and 9th lords in conjunction or samasaptaka
Viparita Raja Yoga D-1   Sa   Success after pressures or someone else's losses          12th lord in 6th or 8th
Raja Sambandha     D-1   Sa, Ma  Important person with rich and famous,  Dispositor of amatya karaka conjoining/aspecting 10th lord

Vimsottari Dasa:  Maha Dasas of Kundali of Christina Aguilera

 Ven: 1969-03-15 (10:26:32 pm) - 1989-03-16 (1:30:39 am)
 Sun: 1989-03-16 (1:30:39 am) - 1995-03-16 (2:19:05 pm)
 Moon: 1995-03-16 (2:19:05 pm) - 2005-03-16 (3:55:18 am)
 Mars: 2005-03-16 (3:55:18 am) - 2012-03-15 (11:09:04 pm)
 Rah: 2012-03-15 (11:09:04 pm) - 2030-03-16 (1:47:25 pm)
 Jup: 2030-03-16 (1:47:25 pm) - 2046-03-16 (4:16:15 pm)
 Sat: 2046-03-16 (4:16:15 pm) - 2065-03-16 (1:11:01 pm)
 Merc: 2065-03-16 (1:11:01 pm) - 2082-03-16 (9:55:10 pm)
 Ket: 2082-03-16 (9:55:10 pm) - 2089-03-16 (4:53:20 pm)

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