Billie Eilish Zodiac Sign Horoscope Birth Charts Love Life and Career Success

Billie Eilish Zodiac Sign, Birthday Horoscope Birth Charts, Love Astrology, Career Janam Kundli Analysis by Celebrity Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand

American songwriter, singer and pop superstar was born on December 20021 in Los Angeles, United States. According to Indian astrology she is of Capricorn Zodiac with ascendant of Aquarius in her birth charts and with Shravana nakshatra. Music star Billie Eilish having Kumbha lagna possess many beautiful and humanitarian qualities. She will be curious, creative, smart, independent, liberal hearted, full of tender feelings, assertive, charitable, talented, well wisher of people and will have a progressive nature. She will be firm and honest towards her goals. She will have a firm desire and a determined view about everything. One will have a beautiful, hot, sexy and attractive physique.★ Ask A Questions About Your Horoscope

Billie Eilish Zodiac Sign, Birthday Horoscope Birth Charts, Love Astrology, Career Janam Kundli Analysis by Celebrity Astrologer Shri Rohit Anand
Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn rashi, a person born under this sign will have beautiful eyes, thin waist, lower part of the body will be lean. She will be powerful, will have a firm face, round thighs, long neck and ears, black hair, a mole on the neck. 

Billie Eilish Birthday, Zodiac Sign Astro Profile, Janam Kundali, Birth Charts

Name : Billie Eilish or  Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell.

Birthday and Time Zone:     8:00:00 (West of GMT) 18- Dec-2001.

Place:   118 W 14' 34", 34 N 03' 08". Los Angeles, California, USA.

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Vrisha - Margasira.

Tithi:   Sukla Chaturthi (Me) (19.30% left).

Vedic Weekday: Tuesday (Ma).

Nakshatra:     Sravanam (Mo) (34.17% left).

Yoga:   Vyaghata (Ve) (10.97% left).

Karana:  Vishti (Sa) (38.59% left).

Hora Lord:  Moon (5 min sign: Aq).

Mahakala Hora: Saturn (5 min sign: Vi)

Kaala Lord:    Venus (Mahakala: Venus)

Billie Family, Siblings and her Education :  Elder Brother is Finneas. Parents : Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell. She and her brother were homeschooled. Eilish was pursued her interests in dance, gymnastics, horseback riding and especially music and playing ukulele, piano, guitar .

Billie Eilish Zodiac Sign Birthday Janam Kundli Horoscope Birth Charts Love Life and Career Success

Billie Eilish Career Horoscope Analysis and Predictions

Her Career and Profession : Singer, Songwriter. Her Works Include :  "Ocean Eyes," "Bad Guy" and "Therefore I Am." Don't Smile at Me peaked at an impressive No. 14 on the Billboard 200 in 2019, around which time Eilish became the youngest artist to top 1 billion streams on Spotify during Rahu Shani and surya dasha period. 

In the year 2015 when she uploaded the song "Ocean Eyes" to SoundCloud, which was subsequently released by the Interscope and this was under Rahu- Jupiter dasha period when she was quite creative, which gave her success and launched her as an singer. Her planet Jupiter is in Gemini zodiac which is rashi of Mercury and entertainment and its dispositor lies in the 11th house of income, desire fulfillment and again 11th lord is in 5th house forming auspicious yoga for marvellous and bright future ahead. Presence of planet Venus in the kendra of 10th house makes her famous due to one's all-pervasive brain, creativity, talent and one's fame will be widespread. One will be knowledgeable about many fields. People will respect and honor her in her profession. One will be talkative, singer and a good orator too. Wealth yoga of Venus will make her wealthy, rich and darling of her fans especially males. 

One will be successful and impressive in business. One will be interested in singing, playing instruments, writing, painting and other fine arts. One's business will be related to these arts and the opposite sex will look at him lovingly. According to Garga Jataka and Manasagari in Vedic Astrology - When the ninth lord is in the tenth house then one will be a luck and achieve position, power and status with great influence. One is virtuous, in possession of assets, farm houses, will be brave, bold skillful in her work. One may work for the people in high positions and acquire wealth from the wealthy people. One will get royal honor and will occupy a high position.It will be very difficult to know her state of mind, even if one knows her for a long time and even her friends will be unable to know her very well. She will be philosophically minded, serious natured and soft hearted. She will be intelligent and will have a sharp memory. Her mind will be sharp and logical and she will believe in resolving disputes through arguments. She will be skilled at getting her work done through others. She will be impersonal in her working. She will have a special and wonderful workstyle. She will be interested in solitude, meditation and worship. She will meet everyone with politeness, praise their qualities but be critical of them behind their back.She will give importance to secrecy - what is in her mind, what she thinks, what she does, nobody can know easily. Her specialty is hiding and executing plans. She will not be short tempered but if engaged, she will be very violent or offensive in her attitude due to presence of Mars in her Ascendant.

After studying her horoscope birth chart we see that her 10th lord Mars is in lagna and tenth house is of scorpio zodiac with 9th lord Venus in it. That's a strong yoga for success in career giving her name, fame, fan following, recognition and success as a singer and songwriter.Her 2nd lord planet Jupiter goes to 5th house of talents, skills, intelligence and also indicates career in singing. Now Brihaspati is also the graha of her 11th house of income and money, its also aspects her 9th house of luck and progress in her career.When the lord of the tenth house is in the first house, one is a poet. One's wealth may increase day by day. One will enjoy one's mother's blessings and will be devoted to one's father. One may be enterprising, ambitious and may progress through one's own efforts. We see good future for her in her profession, with rise in fame, name, income and prosperity.

Billie Eilish Love Astrology :  Love Life, Boyfriends, Dating, Marriage, Husband, Zodiac Sexual Compatibility

Billie Eilish Love Astrology :  Love Life, Boyfriends, Dating, Marriage, Husband, Zodiac Sexual Compatibility

Boyfriend and Men in Her Life : Brandon Quentin Adams, aka Q, Matthew Tyler Vorce.

Her horoscope birth chart indicates that she will have more than 4 love relationships in her life and dating few of the men that will come across during her professional life. She will enter into love relationships with few of the men but will break off with them due to various reasons, having bad lifestyle and habits being primary reason.

One will marry a young person belonging to a famous respectable family. One's spouse will be rich and of good character. One will gain monetarily and attain respect from one's spouse.Planet Mars is in the lagna and the ascendant lord Saturn is in the 4th house of Taurus. These placements makes her Manglik and can create unhappy situations in her relationship with men and her married life. Though men comeing into her life will bring luck and professional benefits to her , she might develop attachments with few of them but will end in failure.💖

The person will be recognized for her revolutionary ideas, liberal traits and a desire to benefit. One will be the object of praise due to one's charitable and religious activities also.

Characteristics to be corrected - Cultivate activity and promptness, avoid solitude, anxiety, gloom, pessimism and one should not be very rigid towards those whom one dislikes.

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Vimsottari Dasa: Maha Dashas of Janam Kundali of Billie Eilish

 Moon: 1995-05-18 (1:41:05 am) - 2005-05-17 (3:16:04 pm)

 Mars: 2005-05-17 (3:16:04 pm) - 2012-05-17 (10:22:14 am)

 Rah: 2012-05-17 (10:22:14 am) - 2030-05-18 (1:01:30 am)

 Jup: 2030-05-18 (1:01:30 am) - 2046-05-18 (3:21:19 am)

 Sat: 2046-05-18 (3:21:19 am) - 2065-05-18 (12:20:58 am)

 Merc: 2065-05-18 (12:20:58 am) - 2082-05-18 (8:53:02 am)

 Ket: 2082-05-18 (8:53:02 am) - 2089-05-18 (3:56:39 am)

 Ven: 2089-05-18 (3:56:39 am) - 2109-05-19 (7:08:24 am)

 Sun: 2109-05-19 (7:08:24 am) - 2115-05-19 (7:46:02 pm)

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