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My Love Bytes brings to you top Mother's Love Quotes Best Loving Quotes for Mother Heartfelt Quotes for Mom to express your love and gratitude for her. By Anand.

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Mothers are the best example of unconditional and unselfish love on Earth. No matter how far you are away but as a child you will always be near to her heart. She is your only Mother, whose place nobody can take as on Earth. Its never too late to express your feelings to her and say that you love her and care about her. A mother is a divine feminine who will show you the light when you see darkness, she will love you when you feel abandoned, she will take care of you when none else would have.

We are born out of Love and that love and care is of our Mother. 

 Its Mother's love that is is pure, unselfish and unconditional. 

Dear Mom, thank you for what i am today, its all because of your love , nourishment and care. Thank you. Happy Mother's Day.

Dear Mommy you were always right about everything when i was growing under your love and wisdom. I realize that today. Thank you what you have been for me.

I Love you Mom, no matter what we go through. I know argue, but end of the day i know you are there for me.

Dear Mommy, i know you will always there for me, thank you for being there.

Mom, you have been a blessing from start. I will love you always from my heart.

Dear mother , i know you will understand me when this world fails.

Always remember Mom , i will always love you, no matter what.

I am thankful to you Mom for all that you have done and have been doing for me. I love you Mother.

A Mother is Son's First Love on his life before comes a wife.

To the world you are a Mother but to our family you are the world.

Motherhood : Is the place where all love begins and ends there.

Mothers love is bliss, its peace, its valuable. Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's love is the reflection of God's Love, that's for sure.

Hearts of Mom are capable of doing amazing this for their children.

A Mother's love endures through all and everything.

"I simply love you Mom"  because you are the only one and the best.

Mother's are always supportive and strong to lean on.

Best Angel to share with and seek advise is Mommy, they are the best.

Of all the rights of a women, the greatest on earth is to be of the mother.

Famous I Love My Mother Quotes.

A Child's first teacher or Guru is her Mother. 

When you look into loving eyes of your mom, you know that its purest form of love because its unconditional.

Mom, i just wanted to tell you that you are a superwomen, brave, strong, beautiful, inspiring, lovely and unique mommy on this planet.

Every mother might hold a child for few years but hold their hearts forever.

Life doesn't come with a manual, but it does come with Mother who teaches you everything and gives you lovingly you need to build yourself.

Motherhood changes everything in life, once you become one.

A Mother is your best friend, forever friend and close one too.

There is no way to be a perfect mother but there is always a way to be a good mom.

Hey Mom, your birthday is the most special day in my life, its the happiest one. Happy Birthday.

A Mothers love is whole though it may appear divided among all her children. Its unlimited and never fades with time.

Having a Mother is a blessing of god, which none other can replace.

Being a Mother Quotes and Sayings.

Being a mom, i made a best decision in my life. No other decision brought be so much happiness as being a mother and giving a birth to a child.

Motherhood is a choice where you put others happiness and well being first before yourself and sacrifice your own .

The day you become a mother you see the little heart walk outside before you and you love to see that.

It gives me immense happiness that my sweet little baby is half of me and half the love the person i love the most.


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