Inspiring Long Distance Love Quotes For Couples by Rohit Anand

Long distance relationship love quotes straight from the loving heart for him or her. These heart warming lond distance quotes and sayings will not only help you survive but will also brighten you up when you miss your partner.

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My Love Bytes by "Rohit Anand" long distance relationship love quotes will surely strenghten the bonds of love between couples and stay steadfast being together. These long distance love messages will help you overcome the emptiness that sometimes you feel when you miss your lover and partner when they are overseas and physically distant. Sometimes when situations in life, time and duties towards family put you at far off places, lovers keep sending those inspiring long distance messages and text mesassges of love that how much they mean to each other and miss them being together to keep the realtionship strong in moments of loneliness and being separated for a while. 

Distance between us is temporary but the love between is permanent and on solid foundation.

Distance between us is just a test as to how far our love can travel and survive.

We are together forever and can bever be apart,though there is physical distance but it is enver from the hear my dear.

The feelings of love i have for you are stronger than the miles that is between us for sometime.

Just wanted to remind you dear , that it dosent matter where i am, i will be yours always.

Patience and faithfulness is the test of true love between couples in long term relationship.

As far as we share the same sky and breathe are the same air we will be living for each other where ever we are at the corners of the Earth.

This is for sure, next time when i gonna see you, i am goind to kiss you for a very long time.

You know something, i get butterflies in my stomach when i get a feeling of meeting you next time.

Good night my dear, hope to see you in my dreams till me meet again.

Today i was thinking of you and counting the nights, until we meet again.

Distance will never be the issue becasue in the end i will have you, my beloved.

Remember, you don't have to see each other everyday to be in love with someone. We need to feel just love.

It's  promise that i will love you till the end of our love story in this lifetime.

Even though we might be miles apart but i will still hold you inside my heart.

Just wanted to let you know that when i close my eyes, i miss you and when i open my eyes i long to kiss you.

Hope these beautiful long distance love messages and quotes will brighten up your day and help you convey your feelings, emtotions, love and make you survive the pangs of separation. These adorable long distance quotations and messages can be sent and used for him or her.

I feel, you are worth every mile between us at the moment.

Rela love does not mean being inseparable but it actually mean that though you may be distant or apart still nothing changes and continue to love each other in same way.

Love knows no reason, no boundaries and no time. Its strength let us overcome everything.

You are the special one my beloved that makes me SMILE even from miles.

My existence is where i am, here and in your heart . Though I was never really ready for you to leave.

Sometimes there is more magic in " I Miss You" as it creates more fondness and longing than " I Love You".

Presently i have decided to HUG this sweet and cute pillow you gave me untill i get to hug you baby.

I am a "Long Distance Runner", i will win you in the end.

I can wait for the day when you will be in my arms again, my dear.

There is no distance too far between friends , for friendship gives wings to heart.

" I miss you dear" like the desert miss the rains .

Though the distance between us is long but our love for each other is also strong.

A long distance relationship can only work when two have a plan to shorten the distance and get closer by all means.

Long distance rules are : " No Secrets, No Lies".

Some nights i can't asleep becasue of the thoughts that how beautiful it would be that you would be my side right now.

You can HUG the pillow i gave you untill you can hug me, you will feel the softness and tenderness of my love.

Few hours of love, romance and sharing are of greate value than the thousand hours spent without you.

You may be out of sight babe, but you are never out of my mind or heart.

Long distance rally develop more longing and patience for the one you love and test the faithfullness and commitment to the other half.

One day we will never have to say GOODBYES but only good night.

Where ever you are, you will remain closer to me in my heart.

We are a perfect couple but its only a matter of time that we are not in a perfect situation.

Sweet memories that we gave each other will be out strength to hold on for more to come.

I may not be always there with you but i assure you that i will be there always for you.

You are no doubt my other half in other part of this world.

Our union is divine and timeless. I seemed to have loved you from time immeorial and will continue to do so.

Days can go by not seeing you in front of me, weeks can passnot talking to you being near to me, but there is not a second i don't think about you bottom of my heart.

Let distance be the other reason for us to love each other harder, nothing can come between us.

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