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Huge collection of Passionate Love Quotes, Romantic Passion filled quotes for lovers and intense love quotes for him and her. These beautiful sexy sayings and passionate love quotes can be used for husband and wife and lover. By Rohit Anand @ My Love Bytes.

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These deep passionate love quotations are quite popular among couples who use them on messenger, whatsapp, social media and sending sms love messages. You are also free to use these amazing passionate love quotes with pictures to live those precious moments of love with passion. To bring the warmth and heat of your love life here are some of the best intense and passionate love quotes for those special moments of love, feelings and emotions that you would like to express when in a relationship.

Love him or her so much that she might doubt your sanity but not your passion.

Whatever our souls are made of. His and mine and the same. LOVE.

My love for you flows into my veins, runs deep into my heart and manifest though my body and lights my soul with sparkle in the eyes.

I only wish to be the fountain of love from which you drink the nectar of  bliss promising eternity.

Love passionately and live life beautifully.

Passionate lovers are crazy. This craziness needs to be experienced once in the lifetime.

Right from the beginning of when i saw you first time, i knew we were meant to be together till the last last time of our lives.

I know this for sure that i will never have enough of you ever in one life time.

I want to drown myself in the passion of your love every day and night with you in sight.

I feel like doing wild things with you that i had fantasy about.

I feel i love you deeply and passionately, deep as of ocean and passion of fire.

Fire of love never get extinguished, it is ignited at right temperature at right time.

Passionate Love Quotes And Sayings.

I loved you to the point of madness and for me that is the only way to love someone unique person like you.

Your mortal frame and immortal soul all delights me and feeds me.

A passionate and wild women is worth the chaos in your life.

Its a saying that passionate love burns out quickly but the compassionate one builds over time.

I must warn you, today my thoughts about you are sensual, sexy and naughty.

I wish you were here tonight or i were there with you together or be anywhere.

Come Babe! kiss be hard, thrill my senses.

I want to be craved by you. Desire me endlessly.

Just wait for someone who is a hopeless romantic with naughty mind, who will turn you On.

There is no beginning with you and no end but infinite passion with you my dear.

Your sensuous kiss is fine but all of you is paradise.

There is ocean of love inside me, just hear the waves of passions in my heartbeat.

I want you to close your eyes and feel my heart. It beats for you to give you its warmth.

You have become the reason for me to look forward the next day in a exciting way.

Short Passionate Love Sayings.

Dance with love in your heart and your feet will follow.

I am patient of your love that needs your treatment.

Common Baby! light up my fire.

Distances means nothing when someone means so much.

I have plans to bug you and hug you in near future.

Coffee and Love are best when they are hot.

I won't mind if you mess up my bed with me tonight.

Bite marks are love notes written on flesh.

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