Passionate Longing Of a Lover, Romantic Love Poetry For Girlfriend Wife And Her By Rohit Anand India

Here is a romantic passionate love poetry to express your feeling for your soulmate, girlfriend or wife. Being in love with her, he is longing to meet her and share his love. By Rohit Anand at My Love Bytes.

You Set My Soul On Fire.
By : Rohit Anand 

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There are feelings of love for you in my heart
My lifeless days now make a happy start.

To see your face and a loving smile
that can take away all my pains for a while.

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Share everything i went through
All day how much i missed you .

Eager to meet you at the earliest
To taste your rose moist lips.
I want to see you without that silky robe,
Touch your body, caress you with a probe. 

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Would love to lay you down to admire
One look at you will set my soul on fire.

I want you, hold you in my arms playing a romantic song
Want you fully merge inside of me,That's where you belong.

By : Rohit Anand.
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